WoW Gold Update

I’ve gone super passive with WoW now that Valheim is taking up so much time. That said, I try to log in every day or so to post up some stuff.

With 9.05 coming today, it’s really the inclusion of valor tokens that would see any possible player spike. Maybe that will cause more players to run content, and therefore an uptick in new gear. New runs = new consumables. New gear = new enchants & gems. New tokens = likelyhood of alts actually playing.

Why is this important? Because the AH right now has become saturated due to low demand. An enchanting shard that went for 60g is now less than 30g. It’s not possible to make any profit on any enchantment. Potions are in a similar space, where the sales are much less than the value of the materials.

Of the various methods I’ve applied to make gold:

  • Leatherworking (cosmetics or other) move 1 item every 5 days or so
  • The cloth shuffle (Cloth–> Bracers –> Shards) turns in a 5g profit (I peaked at 70g)
  • Transmog flips have dropped in volume by 75%
  • Glyph sales are still oddly consistent.

I’ve now acquired all the glyphs that turn a 500g profit, but one (that’s a super rare WQ in the broken isles). Dark Absolution was the most painful of them, given the single run per day. It has sold for 12k a shot, and costs about 600g to make. I’ve also come to terms with the need to mill my own pigments for this, as Sallow can be quite expensive.

The Curve

I’m showing the gold progress from when I started Shadowlands til now, across all characters. You’ll see the trend is somewhat linear, while I only really stated the gold making efforts about a month ago. I have a habit of leveling characters with gathering skills. The monk was an herbalist, the DH was herbalism & mining. The first went the campaign route, the latter took the threads of fate route. Both turned in a similar profit range from the 50-60 portion. The daily quests still give about 2k in grey material, so that’s really the floor on the curve. Anything under 2k a day means you’re not playing, or at least it means you don’t have any cares about gold. Which, you know, makes sense given there’s very little to actually spend gold on.

Just looking at this you can see when I started playing Valheim pretty darn clearly.

Anyhoo, in the general goal of quickly paying for tokens, it would seem that 2-3 minutes a day selling glyphs is by far the simplest route. I’ve got enough gold now for 10 tokens at current value. I’d have to hazard that the prices on tokens goes up given the sheer glut of gold all around. But that’s for another time.

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