WoW Gold – Milling

Continuing on the previous post about Glyphs still turning in a crazy profit, I wanted to see if there were ways to improve that process. The process I have right now has some simple rules.

  • It has to turn a 500g profit from the crafting cost
  • Crafting cost = market rates of base materials, not the price of herbs

I originally had a simple 30% profit margin, which was really quite decent to get started. But making 30g on a 100g craft… I can loot 1 grey item in SL and get a better return. I decided to boost the base profit margin to something worthwhile, and 95% of everything in that area is a Legion glyph.

If you’re not aware, Legion glyphs have some really weird ink requirements, at least compared to the rest of the others. You don’t actually use inks, just the pigments that come directly from crafting. The ratios are also quite a bit higher – sometimes 50 per craft. It means that each crafted glyph costs about 1k on my server (sometimes a lot more). Anything with a high base costs naturally has less competition.

Now the wrinkles. Milling Legion herbs gives Roseate Pigment and Sallow Pigment, at ratios that differ depending on the herbs. And some herbs give more than these, like Yseralline Seeds (which you can also mill), or pods which contain more pigments and seeds. This adds a level of RNG to milling in Legion that only really normalized at high volumes. So let’s look at the numbers.

The Market

Roseate Pigment goes for 25g and Sallow Pigment goes for 75g on my server. That’s the highest price I will pay to craft a glyph. Anytime I get a lower price, I am saving money and therefore making more. Sometimes there are stupid crazy deals found, like seeing large stacks at silver level values.

The Mill

Mass Milling crushes 20 herbs and gives generally 8.5 Roseate Pigment and 0.85 Sallow Pigment – but not all of them. You can also collect Yseralline Seeds (which mill to Roseate), and either Gem Chips (for cooking, therefore useless) or Nightmare Pods (for more seeds/pigments) when milling Dreamleaf. You get 1 Pod per Mass Mill. Each Pod = 8 Roseate, 1 Sallow, 2 Seeds.

Mass Milling is really fast. Each mill is 2.5s, so that’s 2 minutes for 1000 herbs. Any additional pods is maybe an extra 30seconds.

It then gets into spreadsheet town – pods are not included.

HerbValueRoseate/Mass MillSallow/Mass MillCost/RoseateCost/Sallow
 Yseralline Seed33.970.03152000
 Starlight Rose1723.540.7714442

The Math

The ceiling value is 25g/75g, and every mill gives me both pigments, making the math a tad harder to figure out on the outset. Another way to look at the table above is to based it on 1000 milled herbs and potential profit.

HerbCostProfit% Profit
Yseralline Seed3000207569.17%
Starlight Rose170001531390.07%

While all of them an turn a profit, the ratio of Dreamleaf is the highest and it still doesn’t take into account Pods. Of course, this means nothing if you can’t actually sell. Sallow is only used for Glyph makers, and it’s not like 2000 are sold a day. This is however a great way to save money in crafting, with the inverse of profit relating to savings. I could buy 1000 Dreamleaf for 8k, and it would give me nearly 19,000 worth of material. That’s 11k MORE profit in selling the Glyphs.

The Result

It’s a fun exercise to try and find the easiest way to make some gold. And I do mean easy. If I’m making 11k in profit for 3 minutes of work, that’s a hell of a deal. So right now it’s a daily login, to empty my mailbox, craft any glyph with 500g profit, and milling the Legion pigments to cover the my inventory shortage. That’s maybe 5 minutes total, and I’m getting between 25-30k in the mail per day.


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