WoW Gold Making Update

Still trying to find the right battle plan to make a quick token. The context of Stormrage is that it’s like 95% Alliance and one of the largest servers, so there’s a TON of competition in the market. That means prices are generally lower due to competition, but that there’s more general gold to make through higher volumes.

I’ve got a few methods that are proving effective.

#1 Transmog Flips

I’ve made about 200k since starting in just flipping transmog items. I scan once a week (takes about 5 minutes to complete), load up stock, then have a 24hr auction go up just around prime time. I usually have 30 or so items up at a time. I don’t bother with anything under 1k, or that sells less than 0.03 items per day. Just not worth the hassle.

#2 Glyphs

This one I lost a ton (like 15k) of money on because of the way the crafting was calculated, I then hardcoded it to be 100% based on market value, not milling value. Since then, there are a dozen or so glyphs that sell for 2k each, and I clean house every day. They are almost exclusively Legion glyphs, which are not from a vendor but require either a really long quest chain, faction exchange, or rare drops. This one is borderline more profitable than Transmogs, just takes a lot longer to set up.

A nice side note, I purchased 1000 Sallow Pigment (needed for Legion glyphs) for 1s each. The median price is 60g. Hell of a steal.

#3 Cloth / Shard Shuffling

There’s always a shuffle you just need to find it. In SL, it’s turning cloth into dust/shards. You only need level 50 (do the intro quest) and get like 20 tailoring in SL to get access to the blue bracers. They cost 10 Shrouded Cloth, 2 Lightless Silk, and 3 Penumbra Thread (which has faction discounts, so 7.25g is the cheapest price). They DE into 1.4 Shards, and 1.5 Dust.

At my market rates, it costs about 77g to make and sells for 105g. So let’s say 25g profit per. I can make / DE about 10 in a minute, so 250g per minute profit. Getting a good deal on cloth, or having a spike in value on dust/shards can (and has) doubled that profit margin. That’s the nature of high volume transactions, small changes can have massive repercussions.

#4 Transmog/DE Farming

To get the recipes for the glyphs, I needed to grind quite a bit. The best selling items drop from TBC zones, by and large. I could spend say 30m chain running dungeons and make a decent coin. Anything Legion and below I can chain pull the entire zone, bring to the boss, nuke everything, lag for 10s while I loot, and do it again to clear the dungeon. DE the BoP items, DE the BoE items that won’t sell, mail transmog item to an alt, and sell everything else.

Raids are also good… set it to 25 players and you’re pulling in 4-5k a run easily.

Things that are NOT working

  • Leatherworking transmog is not working, at all. I think I sold 1 piece of Pandaria gear which should turn a decent profit. The costs are minimal thankfully. If stock sold, I’d have close to 100k profit.
  • Alchemy prices are crazy volatile. Herbs go up and down 25% a day with no reason. Pots are all over the map. I could make 100g at 8pm, and lose 15g at 10pm.
  • Enchanting remains stupid. Unless there’s a mystery source for cheap purple shards, there’s nothing on the AH that turns a profit.
  • I have not tried BoE group farming. I prefer to set-it-and-forget-it, and grinding even for 100k/hr is not something I enjoy.

Token Prices

It’s around 120k for a token. Transmog can easily cover that, but the profit/minute is all over the place. The Cloth shuffle, at 250g/minute would mean 8 hours. Glyphs turn about 10k a day for 2 minutes of work, which does turn into a month affair but only 25 minutes of actual effort.

Can anyone turn a profit? Yeah, install TSM4, don’t configure anything, and just fill up the AH with your bags. Optimizing that profit takes more thought process, as would be expected. It’s an interesting mini-game.

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