WandaVision Ep 5

Right, spoilers.

  • Episode 1 had a sort of surreal atmosphere and a 30 second or so part where things were really odd.
  • Episode 2 only slightly expanded on this, with some Twilight Zone type things taking place. Enough to show that there was more behind the curtain.
  • Episode 3 really dug into the concept that this was a simulation of sorts, and the end of it just went off the charts.
  • Episode 4 finally put us on the other side of the curtain, brought back some interesting characters, tied into the larger Marvel universe (at least time-wise), and gave a general frame to the what happened before.

Which brings us to episode 5. Framed as a Full House sitcom, it wastes little time to get into the surreal aspects of Wanda’s powers.

Tangent. In the comics, especially House of M, Wanda goes crazy, says “No More Mutants” and that becomes reality. She’s an Omega-level mutant, meaning one of the most powerful beings in existence. What we’ve seen in the movies so far doesn’t even come close to this – so perhaps this is just the start of that development.

Back on track. The episode introduces multiple important pieces.

  • Wanda is clearly suffering from PTSD, which is impacting her ability to make decisions.
  • Wanda’s power is not to warp perception but to change reality. She is re-writing people.
  • Vision is both dead and alive at the same time.
  • SWORD is really being set up as either incompetent or the bad guy. You’d think that there would be lessons learned here from Civil War.
  • The kids are resistant/immune to Wanda’s powers, and likely more powerful than her.
  • I have no idea of the mechanics behind Pietro/Quicksilver

Referencing Billy and Tommy, in the comics they are but vessels for Pandemonium. Which was a closed storyline, yet the loss of her children triggered a pile of major events. Tinfoil hat here – this is a prelude to Doctor Strange 2 and the Multiverse as it introduces things that have nothing to do with Earth. Also why this is SWORD instead of SHIELD, which in the comics the former deals with space-based issues and this has nothing to do with space so far.

I do want to give credit to the series makers in that the sitcom frame is really working as a great reference point from which the actors can launch. I think we’ve all felt that sitcoms in general were “off” and WandaVision really does a good job of exploring that aspects to great effect. Olsen and Bettany do a bang up job on this (all the more amazing as they have no chemistry), but the stand out here has to be Kathryn Hahn.

If you have Disney+, then you really should be keeping track of this show. If not, then consider waiting until end of season and subbing for a month.

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