Winter Is Coming

This morning there was some white stuff on the ground, first time. Considering we were wearing shorts on Friday, it’s a hell of a swap of mindsets. I rather enjoy winter, though that’s primarily due to the hockey season. Without it, I’m curious as to how my brain will manage through.

Wife is interested in taking up cross-country skiing. It’s one of those weird things where I have zero interest in skiing, in any form. I think that the cross-country version is too close to running, which I also do not enjoy. My joints have enough invested in hockey already, I don’t need even more abuse. I’m sure it’s a mental block. That and the near grand I’d need to drop to be equipped for it properly.

Winter also brings a form of SAD, where sunlight plays a massive part of my energy levels. The good news there is that I work next to a very large window, so I get a ton of it during the day. The downside is that I don’t get it directly by being outside. When the work day starts it’s usually dark, and it certainly is by the time it ends. Recalls when I was younger in an office with no windows… felt like I was working in a mine. I did invest in a neat piece of technology, an alarm clock that simulates sunrise. It’s done wonders for my morning routine.

Pumpkins are carved, outdoor patio stuff is put away, cottage is closed. All that’s left is putting up the holiday lights in a couple weeks and the outdoor rink. Winter coats aren’t out yet, but I’m sure they will be by next weekend. Including winter tires. Adulting sucks sometimes.

Games, well it’s obviously all Hades. I’ve done about 75 runs now, on a streak of 33 wins too. There was one in there that was a heck of a close call, while I was trying out some interesting difficulty modifiers. Got the last boss with 2 HP to spare. Note to others, Hades with speed and damage modifiers is like bullet hell.

I will say that going for fast runs is certainly fun. I’m running ~15 minutes on the good ones, and have some favorite aspects to get through. Lenny on Extreme Measures, and enemies with increased move speed makes it all go a lot faster. I do like that every run has a preferred weapon, with a 20% boost to darkness/gems. It’s a neat motivation to keep trying different playstyles instead of fishing for the perfect boons on a specific weapon. I should have the final epilogue complete in 5 or so runs, which would “complete” the true game.

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