Life Without Sports

I’ve been playing hockey since I was 5. I took a few years off during university/college, but went back into it about 15 years ago. I was playing 2-3 times a week and it was great exercise and stress relief. The beer after the game helped even more with the socializing, and you know, seeing people. 12 months a year, a few weeks off for holidays and what not. Same guys for most of it too, so I have a larger attachement to that, than I do work.

The past few years, my kids have played sports too. I was assistant coach 2 years ago, and head coach last year. Every weekend was activities, and more during the week. Busy no doubt, but the kids enjoyed it, got to meet new people, and got exercise. Helped that nearly all the other parents were good folks too. More than helped actually, I’ve seen the other side of that.

We also watched hockey games at night. Either just a couple of us, or with other folks. It was something I enjoyed doing with my grandfather too. I’ve been in a hockey pool for what feels like 20 years too.

We’re the tail end of October, the usually chaos of a first tournament, the start of the NHL, and the transition to indoor activities since Canada gets some crappy weather. Now there’s none of that. Like a giant hole of 20+ hours a week just plopped down, and options to fill it are quite limited.

My city is in a near lockdown due to cases stemming from September. Trend is stable now, but still not below the rate to consider it reasonable. That means that the kids can’t really go out to public spots. Museums were often a good spot for a few hours, but that ain’t an option. Bowling is out. Restaurants are closed (and can’t watch a game). Visiting folks requires the 2m rule, if at all. It’s a high dose of cabin fever!

Working from home has perks, certainly the lack of travel is a big one. But living in your office isn’t exactly good for the mental space. There’s less time to “switch gears” from work to home life. There are days where they wife/kids come home and I still have an hour+ to go. Feels like there’s no break.

Games are helping. It would be cool to share more of them with the kids as I did before. I’m thinking of getting another quick and dirty laptop so that both the kids have one, and I have mine. They are having fun with their games with their friends, the hollers between them are something else. Reminds me of playing Mario Kart with my siblings.

I used to be people’d out with work and sports. Now I’m realizing I have a gap in that area and need to do more about it. I’m sure I’ll come up with something, ideally it will be something that can be shared with the family. I certainly have enough of a backlog of games to help, just not that many that are multiplayer. Plus, paying $70×3 for the gang to play isn’t at the top of my list…

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