Overhyping Importance

I had a long rant about the insanity of denying global warming. But it doesn’t really matter because in my mind, anyone who actually does deny it is not capable of rational thought. There’s more than enough evidence and experts. And if for some reason they are wrong, then we end up with a cleaner/healthier planet.

I had another rant about social media and it’s poisonous effects on the mental state. Your information is being collected, packaged, and sold to as many buyers as possible. You get nothing out of it but cat memes, and crazy uncles with news stories from some weirdo’s basement. Frankly, there’s not much to say about this other than delete Facebook (and others) and go for a walk.

Others on the state of global politics. Some are killing dissenters, others are rather evidently committing genocide. Somehow we’re cool with that, cause we need out dollar store merchandise and our oil. Or on the youth’s view of cancelling everything in an act of rebellion.

I like to think there’s some good news here. We’re conscious there are problems, and the younger population is educated to a degree that makes rational thought possible. There’s major progress in health care, in renewable energy, and in nutrition. It sucks for my generation, as I’ll be worse off than my parents. But I take some solace knowing that it’s surely going to be better for my kids. No rants needed.

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