Weekend Musings

This was a long weekend, where Monday is a stat that recognizes the efforts labour have provided to society. That’s a whole tangent of a post, but specific to me, it’s the weekend where my family gets together for a fishing tourney.

This year it was a bit different due to COVID, and some logistics around that made the trip up take nearly 11 hours, and back down almost 7. Normally it’s less than 6. The weather was great. The fishing was atrocious, and I’m of the growing mindset we need to change location. The company was super, and really the largest highlight.

My wife and kids went to our cottage for some R&R. Our roof was redone with some contractor grade material. Ice shield applied at the low pitch and the crazy valley we have – tons of it. It looks great. I’m looking forward to the spring and the cottage looking like we left it in the fall. Now we haver some minor finishing details inside, the the vinyl to put up, and some gutters. This year’s cottage reno list includes:

  • 250ft weeping tile
  • new drainage
  • new supports and leveling
  • External and internal reframing
  • New short wall facing
  • Rebuilt custom windows
  • Rebuilt ceiling
  • New wiring
  • Extended door for shed
  • 3yrds of clean fill to level off the yard
  • New roof

I’m looking forward to not having anything to do. Greatly.

No work-related fires this weekend, but some additional setbacks when it comes to health of team members. I won’t go into any detail, but these past few months have been a continual “bad news extravaganza”. It’s depressing, and I’m having to come to terms with how it’s impacting my personal mental state.

Also coming to terms that the summer has come and gone. I need to get back into my workout routine to offset the beer I’ve had during that time. The labour over the summer offset some of it, but the effect it has on mind and body is sorely needed. I’m missing hockey to a crazy degree, so moving is key.

Not much in gaming news. Laptop is still in the shop. WoW apparently has a date for launch, and from the limited bits of info I’ve seen so far, it looks to be inline with BfA rather than Legion. Looking like it will be the first WoW expansion I don’t pick up in launch week. If I can get my laptop back soon, I’ll try and put some time into Divinity 2. I could use an RPG right now.

On the bright side, 3 episodes of The Boys are out now (I like that I can’t binge it). Should be fun to see where that’s gone this season. Hopefully it helps get me out of this funk.

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