Dumpster Fire

I really try to keep away from politics, it rarely ends well.  Sweet igloo, there’s a dumpster fire going on with our neighbours down south.

185,000 people are dead, which is the equivalent of having a 9/11 event every 3 days.  9/11 being the most defining US moment in the past 50 years, where everyone came together.   Not saying the counterpunch was relevant, or on target, but the country at least was unified.  And the whole world is impacted, the US decides to go it alone.

There have been escalating protests, with everything being put under a lens.  Things people did 20+ years ago are being measured against today’s standards.  And no one is actually doing anything about it, just posting blogs/tweets.  People are still being shot for no reason other than the colour of their skin, and there’s no consequences.

This seems more like Lord of the Flies, where the adults have simply left the room.  It’s us vs them, which is exactly how fascist states run.  But it’s cool, cause the stock market went up a couple points.

It’s not like we don’t have challenges here in Canada, we most certainly do.  Big ones.  But they are such small potatoes to the insanity south of the border.  It would be sad if it wasn’t so god darn scary.  To witness the fall of a modern empire in such a small time frame is beyond comprehension.

I am reminded of two pertinent quotes.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

Tomorrow I want to post something good.  I need to.

3 thoughts on “Dumpster Fire

  1. Being an older person I recall the 1960’s-70’s. 50 years may be a lifetime ago to anyone born in the 80’s on. But it’s been bad before, and what makes it feel so extreme is that we are bombarded with it in the news, on the internet, in social media. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if after the November elections it all just kind of fades away, a vaccine for Covid will be available, protests and riots will disappear, and the world will go on.

    One thing I did notice and is something of an observation. While we see 20-30 somethings raging about everything, destroying stores, assaulting anyone that they disagree with, it’s those older adults like myself coming in after they have moved on, and we are cleaning up their mess. Maybe these young adults were never taught responsibility for your actions. All I know is at a time where even large stores are barely holding on, if I owned a business that was looted or set on fire? I would just close it and walk away. Someone is going to wake up and realize that they have no where to buy food or gas or clothes. But maybe they don’t care, most probably buy online and have shipped to their door.

    Things will get better. Give it time. Eventually the adults will see that line crossed and will set things right.


    • Are the adults in the room not the same teenagers that were rioting in the 60s/70s? I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way, but truly, it would fully seem like this method is endorsed given the results those prior protests had.

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      • Those in leadership positions should know better. It may have been 50 years ago, but they should remember. Although most of them come from money and probably never experienced any of it. No, I think our leadership is playing a high stakes game of chicken, holding back to see who will step up to control the situation first. Trump could, but then they would say he’s just being Trump, look at him stomping over your first amendment rights. Biden should be at least saying something, but the fear is they will lose votes. My personal thoughts are that if Trump wins he will mobilize the national guard and impose curfews. And then we will have 4 more years of impeachment news as the democrats try to get him out of office. If Biden actually makes it to the election and isn’t declared mentally unwell, with Harris as president, you will see the republicans digging up everything either has done, and trying to impeach. They are all a bunch of rich adults that grew up living a life we will never see, playing at running a country with no one to tell them that what they are doing is wrong.


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