Heat Wave

I had a week off at the cottage, then worked a week there.  That week was heat wave weather.  My part of the country comes with some insane humidity levels in heat waves. While the base temperature is not crazy, the humidity runs close to 70%.  Feels like breathing soup.  It also makes it near impossible to sweat to remove body heat, and your body dehydrates lightning fast.

So going outside wasn’t exactly pleasant, and working indoors staring at a window of people with smiles isn’t motivating either.  Still, I was able to wake up with the family, have lunch with them (most days) and see them in the evenings.  The alternative in the past few years is me working in the office and not seeing them at all for a week+.  This isn’t perfect, but it’s a massive improvement.

I did have to come back to the house this week.  Maintenance for one, but also cause the in-laws are staying at the cottage a few days.  I get along with them just fine, but it’s a LOT easier to ship the kids outside than the in-laws.  Walking into the house was a bit weird, like I needed to find my stuff again.

So I get to spent the next few days alone at home.  The silence is deafening.

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