Projects Everywhere

If my wife wasn’t a teacher, then there’d be no reason to own a cottage – we’d simply rent.  The only real downside to renting is that you need to make sure you have a place to rent during the time you want.

Owning a cottage shared a lot of the challenged of renting.  Still need clothes, still need food, still need the little things.  The car might be a bit more packed when travelling when renting, but not all that much.

The downside to owning is that it’s like another house. I need to cut the grass, maintain the property, and there are non-stop projects.  Planning those projects is key, so that you spend more time enjoying the cottage than working on projects.  Who wants to paint a deck when it’s boiling outside?

A few this year – things that take an hour or more

  • Plant / maintain a garden
  • Repair the roof
  • Install a new rain gutter
  • Clean & stain the deck
  • Replace the water heater element
  • Get new stairs for the dock
  • Replace the floating island for the kids
  • Cut down a tree or two
  • Install some new lighting
  • Change some power outlets
  • Repair the pillars supporting the dock
  • Trim all the trees
  • Install an in-line water filter for the lake water pump
  • Replace some sinking foundation pillars

We’ve been able to do most of the things on this list, with some big ones left to do.  The roof will be done in the fall, since it’s more important to prep for winter.  The foundation work needs to be done before frost as well, and that’s likely to take a couple weekends to let the cement cure properly.

Means that for the most part, the summer can be enjoyed without too much side effort.

I’m not regretting buying a cottage at all, frankly the list of things to do helps fill up the time instead of the liver.  Just makes me appreciate it all the more.


2 thoughts on “Projects Everywhere

  1. I can relate. My in-laws own a home at the New Jersey shore. They have a lagoon that ties into the bay and then the ocean. It’s about 30 minutes to Atlantic City. About 39 minutes to beaches with amusements. I have been a part of the family since 1995. About 7 years ago we stopped going down most weekends because my wife’s father always had a project. Not even maintenance projects, these were full summer ideas. Extending the dock 12 feet to tie into the neighbors, building an addition on the shed, closing in a back patio. There was always something. And my wife felt like all I ever did was work every Saturday instead of enjoying the weekend.
    This past weekend was the first time we’ve been down since her parents passed. It was strange. We sat and talked with my brother in-law. We will probably all retire down here in about 10 years. He is paying the bill to have the house raised and a second story added. It’s kind of odd to think that in 10 years my life is going to change. Fortunately the 3 of us are now too old to haul heavy lumber around.

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