Jurassic Park Was Prescient

The first Jurassic Park had a really cool hook.  It was a new idea, what with opening a park with giant monsters that would love nothing more than to eat things a 1/10th their size.  What could go wrong?  Turns out, people.  Chaos ensues, the dream dies.

Then the sequel jolts that idea back.  And the plot point for each successive entry is “it won’t happen again THIS TIME“, which of course it does.  Watching those films, you’d have to wonder why anyone would even remotely think it was viable to run a park like this.  What would drive people to invest money on what is near certainly going to be a death machine?

Turns out I was wrong.  The prospect of money is more important than being alive.  Turns out people need haircuts more than they need their aunt to live.

Man am I happy to be Canadian.  Too cold for dinosaurs.

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