Anthem – Wishlist

Right, we’re at the 1 year mark (-ish) and Anthem is due for a complete overhaul.  Might has well put down a wish list.


  • Flying works, but needs more vertical combat (not just hovering)
  • Remove the need for incessant loading screens, and the need to return to town to do 99% of the gameplay set up
  • Script the world so that there’s always something going on, and it’s clearly stated and accessible.  An alert for an open mission on the other side of the map that despawns by the time you get there sucks.
  • Have a “transport to player” button
  • If there’s going to be an overworld, it needs more people.


  • Enemies need tactics rather than just being bullet sponges
  • Mini-boss mechanics should be more than just “spawn a lot of grunts”
  • Find a way to sticky target, especially when fighting in very open spaces
  • Add variety to weapons so that there’s a clear tradeoff.  No one in their right mind uses a high ammo, low damage sniper rifle.
  • There should be weapon skills rather than just player skills.  An alternate fire more would go a long way (e.g. unload entire shotgun clip)
  • Address clipping / player hit box management
  • Set a TTK goal and manage to that number
  • Manage combat challenges under the rock/paper/scissors context rather than bullet/sponge


  • Abilities should not come with stats, they should mostly be unlocked as you level up.
  • Add weapon/ability modifier drops (with no stats)
  • Add stat slots for gear, with a very rare chance of an item drop that increases rarity
  • Set floor/ceiling values for gear drops based on rarity, with priority rolls  (some of this is there now)
  • Put in a trial room so that players can test out builds
  • Clearly indicate synergy between abilities, above and beyond the primer/trigger concepts
  • Provide horizontal growth options through experience (e.g. faster movement speed, increased collection area, faster harvesting, increased defense)


  • Balance the classes so that they have 2-3 viable playstyles at max level
  • Ensure consistent scaling of abilities (e.g. % and not linear)
  • Add class-specific items with fixed stats.  There is nothing worse than triple+ RNG (the item you want, the rarity you want, the stats you want).


  • Add more difficulty tiers, and gates in order to access them (similar to the D3 difficulty structure)
  • Add timed runs with cosmetic rewards (not power) – including boss rush mode
  • Add drops that can be used to randomly acquire other items (e.g. shard gambling)
  • Test run group content for duration / complexity, so that there’s some parity between the content.  This avoids Maw runs.
  • Have a voting system at the end of a run that allows picking an MVP, with cosmetic currency
  • It’s going to be there –> daily login rewards + monthly cosmetic passs


There’s a few more I have on my list but this is long enough already.

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