Fallen Order Miscellaneous Tips

Yesterday’s post covered the general aspects of the game.  This post will cover more specific elements to assist with game play.

  • Play on Hard.
    • The default difficulty gives you the impression that an offensive style is manageable.  Go up one more and then you get a better gameplay experience.  It also allows you to actually use the in-game combos and look like a Jedi.
  • Explore away.
    • Exploration is the best source of XP
    • Branching paths have 1 primary and 1 optional.  If after a few minute you don’t find a dead end, or a ramp back to the original path, you’re on the primary path.
    • BD-1 drops off your shoulder to scan items – in particular after the first time you win a battle.  Pay attention since it’s a large XP boost.
    • Wall claws are the last skill upgrade you receive (Dathomir).  Once you have that, everything in the game can be accessed.
    • Chests only contain cosmectics.  Aside from your Poncho and BD-1 skins, you won’t really notice them.
    • Lightsaber crystal colors are fully unlocked after Ilum.
    • You cannot redo the final mission.  There are no chests, but there are scannable items you can miss.
    • Some puzzles can only be solved by using Slow.
  • Dual saber = faster attacks, lower damage, and continuous blaster bolt reflection.  Useful on slow targets and imp troops that shoot at you from a distance.
  • Single saber = slow and high damage attacks.  Fast enemies, or those with large defenses (bosses).
  • Find more stims.  I have 7x now, which makes a big difference in some of the tougher areas.
    • You can get 1 before leaving Bogano, and another quickly on Zeffo.  The others will require backtracking.
  • Parry is life.
    • Learn the timing.  If you get a perfect, time will slow and you can get in a free hit or two.  It will also stop the enemy’s attack.
  • Some skills are significantly better than others.
    • Force powers are only reliable when at a distance, and many tough enemies are resistant.  Slow is always useful.
    • Lightsaber Throw is crazy powerful.
    • Running w/ bolt reflection will let you close the gap on Imp troopers
    • Running attack allows for some solid damage, and likely some force regen since the enemy is blocking
    • Stance swap allows for long combos for high damage
    • Jump + ground smash is a good way to make some breathing room
  • Dodge sideways.
    • Many unblockable attacks are directed forward, so moving sideways will avoid nearly all attacks.
    • Once you get double jump, this is better than dodge.
  • The special troops (dressed in black) have crazy defense.
    • Two at a time is painful, use Slow to get in some free hits.
    • The dual blade bugger is especially annoying since he will easily break your defense, even with perfect parry
  • Identify targets quickly.
    • A fair chunk of combat is group based.  Take out the ranged attackers first, then the grunts.  Leave the tough ones for last.
    • Exception when fighting droids.  Take the out first and reprogram them to help you.
    • If the enemy is fighting themselves, let them sort it out.  The xp gains are minimal for combat anyhow.
  • Bosses require planning
    • They have red HP bars that can take a while to deplete, especially their ability to block
    • Large bosses should be taunted into attacking you by getting closer.  It’s best to counter after a parry/dodge than attack outright.
    • Exception if you have Lightsaber Throw.  There are very few ranged bosses (‘cept some bounty hunters) and keeping your distance will keep you alive.
    • The last boss is at a completely different difficulty level compared to everyone else.
  • If you are color blind, you are going to have a bad time.
    • Star Wars was originally white/black but is now red/green.  Bosses attack in red.  The final boss is fought in a RED ROOM.

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