Warframe – Getting Back In

The wide majority of games are not persistent, so if you leave and come back, you have the opportunity to start from the beginning again.  Even those that are persistent usually let you do this (MMORPGs let you roll an alt).  This gives a chance to figure out the basics of the game, or rather, relearn them.

When you reload your main character, the gaps then are more specific.  Where are you in the story (some RPGs do a great job on this), what do the various skills do, and what are you supposed to do next.  Jumping back into an MMORPG usually involves dumping all things in the bags, adjusting the UI, and maybe relarning the rotation.  (I am assuming here that this is not something that’s easy to do in EvE.)

I jumped back into Warframe – a game notorious for it’s numerous systems and lack of handholding.  The “new player experience” is horrendous, but once you leave the first system things start to make sense.  For a planet, then it feels like the entire game opens up at once, and you need a physics degree to figure it all out.  I did that trial – figured it all out.  Then stepped away for other things and haven’t played in a year.

Holy moley, what a wake up call!  It took me 30 minutes to find a bullet jump.  I had to pause the game to remember how to change weapons.  I had to read the wiki to figure out how to use a scanner.  I forgot what each of my suits did (some are better on defense, others offense, others support) and was getting wrecked.  I forgot about mods, and what sets I wanted to use.  I forgot about enemy vulnerabilities (and what that matters!).

I got to the tail end of a specific mission (which I clicked on entirely by accident, yet started the mission) and had zero clue what to do.  I certainly voiced my frustrations out loud, and ended up failing the mission because I couldn’t figure out how to complete the next steps.

All that to realize that I need to re-learn and Reddit is kind enough to have a post for returning players.  Go-go community!

It will likely take me a week to get back into stride for Warframe.  It really isn’t drinking from the firehose, but from the actual fire truck.

7 thoughts on “Warframe – Getting Back In

  1. Hehe. This time back I’ve been fairly lucky. I hadn’t been gone long enough to forget the movement mechanics — just long enough to get somewhat rusty, but practice effect kicked in fairly quick.

    And on the goals / what to chase side of things, I had friends to help me along.

    But boy do I relate to what you’re talking about. The time before this one, I came back after years away. Movement 2.0 had happened and maybe a few other of the big ‘2.0’ changes which altered how things worked even if I could remember it.

    I really wanted to be able to delete my account and restart fresh. When that didn’t appear to be easily possible, I just sorta faked it and took myself back to Excalibur (the frame I chose to start with) and played around on the early Earth missions for a bit.

    That reddit post just from a scan of the index looks awesome though, ty!

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  2. I ran WF hard for a long time, hit a wall. Left. Tried to come back and I had lost all the knowledge of that game. I was more lost the second time, didn’t stick around 😉


  3. Heck, you could be playing it semi-regularly like me, 1-3 times a week, and still log in to find out that things have changed and are no longer familiar.

    When the Old Blood update dropped, I logged in to find the UI for loadouts/arsenal different, took me 15 mins to find the new ‘heavy attack’ key for melee weapons, still have no clue if any combos are possible beyond random alternating both buttons, and have so far wussed out of figuring out Kuva liches.

    I’m good for now just farming for one relic reward I want. One short term goal after another, worry about the rest later.

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    • Same here, and I hadn’t really taken a proper break to speak of, just like two weeks.

      I actually tried to do one of the Kuva Alerts, got my ass handed to me. I’m not that far into the game power-wise though, so it might be that.


  4. A friend recently introduced me to WF. Goodness, it took me around 3 hrs to finish the first mission. I had to research which keys to use, how to bullet jump and how to hack. Stressful (for me) but very interesting.


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