AC Complete?

I finished the last (first) DLC the other day.  That felt like a more traditional DLC or “more of the same”.  One of those cases where the plot moves the characters rather than the other way.  The naval portions were more meh.  I can see why people were not really enthused by it on release.  Fate of Atlantis is like a triple decker sundae compared to ultra vanilla.

I would be hard pressed to call the game complete though.  I still have a dozen (?) side quests to run through.  A fair chunk of land to fully explore (15%?  something like that).  More levels to gain – I’m 79 of 99.  Some more builds to test out – I’m 5% away from a 100% crit build.  Then there’s the super side quests (blue ones) that need to be run through.  Fair guess is there’s at least another 10 hours of content to go.  And that’s not counting the weekly quests that take about an hour to complete.

I can easily see how people would have spent over 100 hours here, which frankly is bonkers in 2019.

Overall thoughts:

  • Main storyline is ok.  Kassandra (female) seems like the logical default choice.
  • Combat is much improved on Origins.  The various skills allow for a lot of horizontal growth.
  • Engravings are neat, but end up game breaking at top levels
  • Enemy variety is what you expect from AC. A fort is a fort is a fort.
  • Boss encounter can be fun and hectic.  The dodge mechanic makes some of them trivial.
  • Naval warfare still isn’t at the AC4 level – but considering the setting it’s still decent.
  • The seemingly infinite ability to climb anywhere doesn’t get old.  Old Greece is surprisingly vertical.
  • Customization of armor pieces is neato!
  • The world is crazy massive.  (the game engineers who allow this size and not have my PC melt deserve a bravo.)
  • Fate of Atlantis is worth the price of admission alone.
  • It’s very pick up and play.  Most missions are 10 minutes or less.  But you’re always getting that just one more thing feeling.
  • The MTX store is never in your face… I barely noticed it at all.  Not sure how revenue positive it was, but I greatly appreciate it.
  • Nearly every single system was dramatically improved and expanded upon from Origins
  • The next game (Vikings I hear) has some massive expectations to meet.


There are better games out there.  But I struggle to think of any game that costs this much and gives this much quality in return.

2 thoughts on “AC Complete?

  1. I have yet to play a single Assasin’s creed – not for any particular reason. A few times i have come close (once I chose MHW over it, which I regret). It’s odd to not have played a single game in the series, yet have watched the movie!


    • The good thing about AC is that 95% of the content is unique to each game. The other 5% is split between lore (Isu/old golds) and future (Abstergo), which add some bindings between the games and make it a series.

      It’s a DREAM game for the explorer/achiever type.


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