Anthem – Progress

A patch is coming on the 12th, with something like 300 bug fixes.  I think that says two things.  First – clearly this game was rushed out the door.  Second – it would appear the devs have not slept in quite a while.

When your game makes the major news waves that it’s potentially bricking PS4, no one is really going to get some sleep.

I’ve also been unlucky enough to have Tyrant Mines bug out on me three times.  This happens when you pop into the dungeon stronghold and end up after the final boss.  Means you can no longer select it from the map.  Thankfully, Isey was there 2 of those 3 times to invite me to a new group, which squashes that bug.

That said, I have been lucky enough to pick up some gear to kit out my storm.  Chaotic Rime & Ponder Infinity work well together.  That combined with some rather significant Gear Cooldown stats, means I can cast Chaotic Rime for an infinite duration – essentially freezing the entire map.

I was however struggling for weapons.

I decided to give colossus thiccbois a chance.  These guys are useless without MW components, then they become iron beasts.  Not only does their armor get an insane boost (5x) and then you can stand toe to toe with anyone and survive.

Again though, crappy luck on weapons.

Targeting Loot

Running a stronghold gives a guaranteed MW skill.  This is useful, since the pool is somewhat limited (~10 each).  A few runs, and you’ll get the one you want (just not the stats you want).  Running a Legendary Contract gives a MW component.  You can run 3 per day.  My suggestion is to run those 3 on a class for which you have not yet acquired all the MW components (e.g. fill out all 6 slots on all 4 classes).

Weapons – there’s no way to target them.  Pure random, and there are a LOT of them.  So what to do?


You can craft MW items if you complete the associated challenge.  For gear (skills) you need to complete a mission or freeplay event with it equipped.  Very doable.  For components you need 50,000 of each faction.  That is a VERY high bar.  Unlikely anyone but the most dedicated will get there.

Weapons – you need to kill 10 legendary enemies with that weapon equipped.  Very luck based that you get the weapon in the first place.  A neat bypass was posted on Reddit. Basically you equip the specific weapon sub-type and attack a legendary target.  Someone else needs to hit it with any MW weapon.  Only 1 hit per weapon is needed.  Once it dies, it counts as 1/10 kills. I did this twice and got the following 2 items.

Rather, I crafted the following items.

Recall that it takes 15 salvaged MW items in order to craft 1 of these.  So while not exactly cheap, it’s a good way to fill out some slots and bypass the RNG gods a little bit.


Good luck out there.

One thought on “Anthem – Progress

  1. Well I haven’t play Anthem much so this article is confusing.

    It seems like Anthem could be fun. There’s a lot to it (per your article). I just have a hard time enjoying it. I’m not sure why.


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