Buggy Bad Luck

Since the Thursday Anthem patch, I have experienced (some were before as well) the following list multiple times:

  • Joining Tyrant Mine after the final boss, causing the game to “hang”
  • Tyrant Mine no longer being an option (apparently this is impacting a lot of people)
  • The sound completely dropping (restart required)
  • The game crashing
  • Access to the server failing and causing me to go to the login screen
  • Rubber banding, where I would zip around left/right
  • Server lag where in the middle of combat, everything freezes for 5 seconds while I get a server connection error
  • Not a single instance of Quickplay being completable.  Either the counter is bugged (e.g. 4/5 boxes to break), the next step doesn’t trigger, I show up without anyone else, or it simply fails to join
  • Freeplay being practically empty of events


Given that both the other Strongholds are hour affairs, with bullet sponge bosses, I’m relegated to completing contracts.  At least there are 3 legendaries a day.  The good thing is that few of these items impact people who are leveling.  The bad thing is that these things are persistent, and make playing at max level much less fun than it should be.  When it works, great!  But the past few days have been not really working so well.


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