WoW Sub Numbers

It has been many a year since WoW published subscription numbers – pretty much this time in 2015.  Since then we’ve had nothing but speculation, mostly from 3rd party sites.  It would be fair to say that the general trend has been downwards.  This is entirely subjective, based on the number of people present in any given area – or simply the number of large scale world quests available.  Dips and spikes.

WoW did let us know how many copies of BfA sold initially – 3.4 million.  The wording here is a bit suspect, as it’s unrealistic that this would be the total number of sales on day one so much as by day one.  It would be fair to argue that this number would encompass both those who were actively playing in Legion, those who stayed after the free weekend in July, and those curious about the traditional WoW expansion fever.  I was in the 2nd category.  I am certain there is a long tail when it comes to expansion purchases, but a tiny fraction of those on “day 1”.

A recent tweet from the makers of WeakAuras intimates that the subscription numbers are a tad different.

It’s an interesting bit of “news” in that it can’t really be substantiated, right?  Does it align with subjective viewpoints?  Sure.  Is it mathematically accurate?  Not so sure about that.  Is it possible Blizz exposed data that it shouldn’t have?  Yeah, 100% on that front.


I barely squeezed out a month out this expansion.  But that’s my experience.  Plenty of folk still having fun.  And without substantiated numbers from Blizz, human nature is to always trend towards the less pleasant of all rumors.    Doubtful that will make a difference though – they are still making money hand over fist.

2 thoughts on “WoW Sub Numbers

  1. The wording from Blizz was, “…as of Battle for Azeroth’s first full day of launch…” so it was clearly all the pre-orders from January forward included.

    As for 3.2 million subs, that seems viable, if low, for US/EU numbers. Those were always less than half of the worldwide totals. But I don’t really know what regions that API feeds. I would be highly suspect if they were suggesting world wide totals were that low.

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    • Quite right. Missing some criteria to evaluate the data set, if it’s even accurate.

      The interesting stat to me is that the API saw a ~50% drop in account status. Ignoring the actual numbers, that % drop is the end of the honeymoon. Unless there’s another reason – e.g. bug/fix in the API.

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