Forecasting – Anthem

Less interesting in the game as I am around the aura of the game.


Love the lens focus trick to make them look like miniatures


Recall that Anthem is launching on Feb 22, 2019.  Also note that while we know there are 4 classes, no one really knows what any of them do.  There are 4 people per server… which is more like Diablo 3 I guess, than Destiny?  No one has seen anything other than the demo level.  There’s been no news since PAX, over a month ago.

Oh, there’s some info on how to pre-order, and that the demo launched on Feb 1, and that early access is 1 week before launch.

I do recall when Anthem was being presented as the bee’s knees.  Not so much a Destiny killer (Destiny did that all on it’s own), but certainly as a competitor in the same vein as say, The Division.

In this age of early access, with media leaks all over the place… it’s easy to have an idea of how a multiplayer game is looking many months ahead of time.  It’s a bit surreal to have no real idea of what’s going on in this game at this point.  I can speculate until my head explodes, but why bother?

While I’m sure the developers are doing all they can to make a great game, we are talking about EA.  The company who makes mint off pre-orders.  Maybe they are waiting until the November rush?

As I mentioned a whole while back, I am just getting some popcorn and watching this story unfold.

2 thoughts on “Forecasting – Anthem

  1. I rather like that there’s no information. I’m a little tired of having everything data-mined and spoiled months before the actual release.

    Maybe it’s a bad sign, but I think that if a good game pulls off the “no-information” trick, it will get a ton of word-of-mouth. I think the demo and early access are enough to allow one to make a good decision.


    • Certainly agree with the basis of that statement. I can’t really think of any AAA (or similar) game that’s launched in the past 5 years that didn’t spam us to death on bits and pieces many months in advance.

      Especially from EA.


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