This is Odd

Themepark MMOs are generally predicated on the concept of increasing one’s power level.  In most games, this is measured on the level/rank of the items, and WoW is no different.  The carrot is to get higher numbers.  Let’s go over this a minute.

Fresh 120

You should be around 260, and the random rares around the world will top you off to 280.  So let’s consider that the “floor”.  Ok?  Let’s go up from there.  This is the list of content, as was

provided in Legion.  There’s a pattern that the item levels require increased challenge, or are on weekly timers.

  • 280 to 330 – random World Quest rewards, and the level increased based on your average.  Have a higher average level, and higher level gear is found in the world.
  • 310 – Regular dungeons.
  • 325 – Heroic dungeons
  • 340 – Mythic dungeons
  • 340 – LFR raids
  • 355 – Regular raids
  • 350 – World Bosses
  • 350-360 – Mythic+7 dungeons
  • 370 – Mythic+10 dungeons
  • 370 – Heroic raids
  • 385 – Mythic raids

Extra Bits

  • 355 – exalted reputation with any faction, though only specific pieces of gear.  Faction past honored is only acquired through World Quests or the mission tables on your boat
  • 0 – the item level from Island Expeditions, which at heroic/mythic levels require coordination across all team members to succeed.  The rewards are instead a very low chance at mounts/transmog/toys


Ok, let’s explain what Warfronts are.  It’s an asymmetrical instance of content, so that Horde and Alliance are doing different bits, on 2 week timers, that eventually flip over to the other faction.  For 2 weeks, one faction has an open zone (A) to hunt rares and a world boss on a 2 week timer.  During those same 2 weeks, the other faction can instance into an RTS-like game, the actual Warfront (B).

The A content has 39 rares that can drop i340 gear, which can warforge up to i355.  Do them all, and the odds are you’ll get 3 pieces of gear.  You can do this content as a fresh 120.

The B content is a 30 minute instance that you cannot fail (most are 50% AFK) and will reward a once per flip (2 weeks) piece of i370 (which can warforge to i390), and each completion will provide an i340 piece (which can warforge).  The only items that will not drop here are rings and trinkets.  This content is infinitely repeatable for the 2 week duration.  (Up until Tuesday, anyone could join on the Horde, but it was hotfixed to have a minimum of i320.  Before Alliance had a chance to try it.  And is, as the devs put it, per design.)

So what?

Catch Up Mechanics

Blizzard usually releases a catchup mechanic every large patch that allows new players/alts to get up to speed in order to raid.  Not necessarily enough to be better than  a raid, but about 10-20 levels below.

Warfronts are impossible to lose, can be soloed, and take 30 minutes to complete.  They can be infinitely repeated for their 2 week duration.  They provide at worst i340 gear, which can randomly boost up to 370.  Again.  This is content that you can AFK through.  That will at worst reward gear better than any heroic or mythic dungeon.  That will at best, reward gear that is better than heroic raids.  Every 30 minutes.

So Blizzard has released something  that negates all world content, every dungeon, and potential every raid but Mythic with Warfront gear drops.  For going AFK.  3 weeks after launch.

I am now out of words.

8 thoughts on “This is Odd

  1. bit of a correction. Currently the horde is able to do the scenario, however the Alliance still maintains control of the zone. It will flip to Horde controlling the zone and the Alliance being able to do the scenario. At least that is how it looked to me over the weekend. Oh and rares will reset on the Warfront rest day, not on Tuesdays like everything else just to add some more confusion.

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      • Oh absolutely. Personal opinion is that the zone is more enjoyable outside of the scenario fighting rares. I got more 340 drops, two pets and a mount. The scenario had the one reward of a 370 piece, the remaining 340 rewards for doing 4, amounted to 1 upgrade. The rest I had the same or better already

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  2. This game is dead anyway. 🙂

    Struggling to log in lately though, it’s a grind already. WQs aren’t that much fun anymore. Did them for 2 years. I only have 2 levels (and one full zone) to go on my Horde, with 15 days to do so.

    Outlook is to not renew sub in 15 days, not sure what could change to get me excited about doing otherwise.

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  3. I’m struggling too, and I am trying to find out why. I’m normally not one to be so negative about the game at all, and I rarely find myself without “drive” to play. Are we just getting older and have been so used to the new and shiny World quests and rep grind in Legion, that come BfA we are just suffering from fatigue?

    Thank you for the item level overview. I am trying to come up with a “gear up list” that won’t mean I am skipping out on all content and going straight to Warfronts.

    I imagine Warfronts will be tuned too; it seems odd to hand out that high of an item level of fear. Heck I wanted to reach 120 soon so I could hop into them and gear up. I just dinged this week and found out, they made is so I need…320? was it. That does make sense though; but you are right, what about Dungeons and what not? Maybe they are trying to expand on how one can get gear, which sources to obtain it from. But surely being AFK shouldn’t happen!

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    • There’s a Reddit AMA with Ion this afternoon. Maybe we’ll get the answers to those questions. Right now, I really have no idea what Blizzard is trying to do. BfA feels like a system that we would have seen BEFORE Legion… not after

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