The Quest for Pathfinder

Because we all need goals, right?

I’d gladly try my hand again at the AH market to make some gold, but it’s still broken on Stormrage.  There were 31 pages of Riverbud the other night.  Most of it single stacks.  But what would I actually spend the gold on?

Pathfinder in BfA requires 5 steps.

  1. Complete all the main quest lines for each of your faction’s 3 zones
  2. Explore all 6 zones fully
  3. Get Revered with all of your factions (3 zones, champions of azeroth, ninja turtles, war faction)
  4. Complete the war faction quest, which fully unlocks at revered
  5. Complete 100 world quests

A few points here.  You need to do 1 (and more) to unlock a mythic dungeon.  You need to do most of 4 to unlock another dungeon.  So for a main character, odds are you’re going to do these anyhow, it’s just a matter of time.  The longest is certainly going to be the revered faction aspect, since the Champions and Ninja Turtles are only available through world quests and mission table quests.  You’d easily get 100 WQ just chasing these two down.

If you play between alts, then this is going to be a tough slog.

Main Quest Lines

The leveling process (without gathering skills or rested xp) is going to be ~80% complete on the way to 120.  It isn’t that hard to fill out, though it can get long in the tooth when your map is full of other shinies and you have dungeons to run.  You do need to follow through, as it opens up more dungeons.

Explore all zones

Alliance have it on easy mode here compared to Horde.  Drustvar may have a giant mountain, but it can be covered pretty easily.  The lack of flight points on the other continent (until you get more rep) can make this less fun.  Zuldazar in particular was annoying.

Revered in all factions

The only reason I see for the mission table, and one of the few drivers to actually run world quests.  Nose to the stone, you can grind out the war faction in a few weeks and unlock the alternate skins.  The war faction is gained through any WQ on the other island… not too hard.  Champions you’re better off with a Contract on your shoulder for +10 rep per world quest.  Turtles… man are these not fun.  The shell game is passable.  The Logos ones are terribly slow and have minimal challenge.  But the bird/crab shooting game…argh.  I just shoot 2 birds and 2 crabs then alt-tab.  The rest of the turtles will eventually get there.  These are such a poor replacement for Kirin Tor.

It is a good idea to use the mission table to get faction improvements, so any UI mod to help or the mobile app is good too.

Complete the War Faction questline

Except for the 2 last tiers (7000 honored and revered) I didn’t even notice these were special quests.  These will come naturally while doing the previous part of the achievement.  Bits of lore mostly, though I did enjoy the final bits.

Complete 100 world quests

I don’t think it’s possible to get revered in all factions without 100 WQ.  A suggestion here is to focus on WQs that provide a benefit first.  Go for quests that reward gear improvements and faction increases.  Always complete the Champions and Turtle quests when you see them.  Fill in with nearby quests for the emissary rewards, then clear out the open war faction WQ.  Pretty sure you could get this done in less than a week.


+20% mounted speed.  Given there’s no flight, any increase to movement speed is welcome.  It will certainly benefit alt leveling speed, and some parts of each zone are padded with extra space to slow you down (Drustvar and Nazmir come to mind).

The other reward is the actual journey.  You’ll have completed all the solo content multiple times and likley be in i330 gear by the end.  Focusing too much on this is a good way to burnout, as it is incredibly repetitive.  Looking at you Champs/Turtles!

I’m most of the way there now, with a few bits of faction left to acquire for full-revered.  Another couple weeks I think.

2 thoughts on “The Quest for Pathfinder

  1. My SO is actually playing BFA right now. When I heard him grumble something about turtles, I leaned over and whispered into his ear: “A turtle has made it to the water.” Haha! His exasperated reply was: “If you know about this without even playing, that means everybody hates it and it’s already a meme.” WoW can really be quite entertaining even when you’re not playing it…

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    • I’ve seen poor quest designs before, but this one is really something else. It plays EXACTLY the same, no matter where you end up picking the quest. You could have a bad roll and have 3 of the same up on the same cycle.


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