Drustvar Complete

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a witch-themed zone in WoW.    Duskwood had the theme, sort of, and that was a launch zone.  Harpies seemed to take over the mantle of witch, and we’ve certainly seen many subzones on the matter.  Highmountain had it’s fair share of recent note.

Drustvar goes all in though.  The starter hub is cursed, and it takes a few quests to get it started.  They do through a witch at you pretty quick, but the rest of the mobs are all simple enough to start.  South has a witch hunt underway, where you need to prove her innocence.  West coast seems all wicker man fest.  North west is the tail end of the zone, with the faction hub present.  The zone is being overrun by a lead witch and I won’t spoil what that entails.  I will say that there’s a Red Wedding involved.

The zone structure here is different than Stormsong Valley.  Here you have a hub/spoke model but no outside wheel.  And getting around Drustvar by taking your own path isn’t really a good idea, due to the verticality of the level.  There are quite a few instances where you complete a quest and are half-way across the zone from the next one.

The zone theme is rather well done.  I am somewhat partial to this setting, and Rift’s Gloomwood really sold me on the idea back in the day.  Both zones so far are based in the less arcane and more human aspects (as it can be in WoW) of conflict.  The downside here is that there’s no question that nearly every enemy you find in Drustvar is evil.  Stormsong had a good mix of tragic and neutral characters, but that was skipped over here.

Still, both zones are really well done.  Looking forward to the 3rd.


If you’re looking for a space moose, now’s the time.  Head to Dalaran and visit the Archeology trainer.  Even with 1 skill, you can get going on this 8 day quest.  If you have a druid, with flight in Legion, then it will take just shy of 2 hours to get all 600 fragments for this mount.  I can understand why this was a big thing back in the day.  Without flight, getting between the various dig sites is annoying.  Flight whistle can help a lot.  I did it with my 110 druid and received about 60% of a level.

Related to this, my main is an herbalist.  It feels like I have ADD/OCD when I see a herb on my map and run to collect it.  Still, I’m sure that has both a) given me more than a level of XP and b) provided a lot of material to sell.  The downside to this is that Stormrage’s AH is broken right now.  It takes ~30s to scan even one item.  Ah well, more to sell when it starts working I guess.  I figure I have about 30,000 gold of stock on me now.

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