Just dooo eeeeet!

The list for this is pretty large.  I am not on that list for really poor reasons.  I know the majority of the folks that are mentors on that list, so it would seem a sane step to be part of it too.  Ahh well.

I do think that this is a great initiative.  In the wide majority of cases, I prefer written form to video.  There’s a concise and direct aspect to this.  Unless I’m trying to build/fix something, opinion pieces are much more palatable when in written form.  The main reason here is that people think faster than they speak, and speak faster than they write.  The end result is that the written word is often a reasoned position, while the talking points are broken ides.  Mostly.

I am selfish in that I write for myself, as an outlet for my ideas.  There’s often too much in my head and this is really quite useful to get some space in there.  It just so happens that those ideas resonate with other folks.  As Bob Ross would say, happy accident.  As with other bloggers who have been around for a while, I’ve been offered to write targeted posts, and be compensated for it.  I’ve certainly done that on other sites, but never on this one. I stopped doing it after a while since it felt more like a job, and I want to have fun while writing.

I write in spurts, but rarely more than once per day.  I prefer to just schedule my ideas, or save them in drafts (I have about 50 of those).  I find that I can go weeks without inspiration, then it comes back.  It isn’t so much a habit as it is a hobby.

I firmly believe that writing has to have a personal goal, otherwise you lose interest quickly.  It takes time to write, even really small bits.  You want that writing to feel rewarding.  Sure it feels good to get a like, but if that’s your goal, then you’re going to have a bad time.  Love the act of writing, start small, and figure out what parts of that process you enjoy the most.  Then focus on those.  Have fun writing and it will be with you for the rest of your days.

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