Jaina – Warbringers


It isn’t often that a gaming video has some resonance with me.  This is quite well done, mainly due to the way that the art (image and sound) work so well together.

Not much of a secret that I have been a Blizzard fan for ages.  I am quite familiar with the story lines that pre-date WoW, and the particular tone that Chris Metzen applied for so many years.

Jaina has been part of Warcraft since W3.  She was a well-crafted character up until the start of MoP.  Then she went off the deep-end and became a caricature of the crazy villain.  The focus went to the Wrynn family for 3 expansions.  Or Khadgar for 2.

Recall that everything Jaina has loved or fought for has been destroyed – her family, her lovers, her friends, parts of her nation, even Theramore.  I am struggling to think of another major character that has lost more.  (Sylvanas is a different topic, as most of it is self-inflicted.)

Looks like they are pushing her to be vengeance / remorse driven, which puts her in the anti-hero archetype.  People do not make good decisions when they are emotionally driven.  WoW has a penchant for redemption story-lines, and it will be curious as to how Jaina comes to terms with her past in order to move forward.

At the end though, if this is the first of three shorts… I am really looking forward to the next two.

One thought on “Jaina – Warbringers

  1. I enjoyed that a lot as well. The Warcraft lore has been so messed up and so confusing with many expansions I have largely forgotten to even think about lore existing and just play a fun game. This was a nice touch.


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