BfA Toons

Similar to Isey, I’ve been putting some level of thought into this.

By the end of Legion, I have a Monk, Demon Hunter, Paladin, Rogue and Death Knight all at 110.  Shaman, Druid, Hunter are at least in Legion, but I wasn’t a fan enough of their mechanics to keep going.  I’m sure at some point I mentioned why I don’t play cloth casters, and my general aversion to Warriors.

We’re only a week into the BfA class changes, but I have been keeping tabs with various videos (a lot of Icy Veins truth be told).   I know that the Warlock is rejigged (and I have one in the 70s) to be more fun.  I also know that Shamans and Druids are in an odd spot right now – at least in the fun mechanics department. So in terms of classes I want to play, let’s take a quick peek.


  • All 3 roles, and the only reason for playing  panda.  It feels like playing an alternate version of WoW, as it’s so different from other classes.  I have a soft spot for MoP, and there is no class that is more thematically consistent than the Monk.
  • The monk tank and healer roles are technically challenging, which is fun.

Demon Hunter

  • The movement of this class is second to none and the best class for exploring any zone by ground.   They fit really well into Legion, but that expansion’s story is over so I have no idea what driver they have now.
  • I dislike the look of the class.  It’s very dark and I find that all DKs look identical.


  • This is the brain dead class that can’t be killed.  I have little interest in it, other than the thematic link to the Alliance.


  • I’ve had one since the game launched.  They have been neglected more and more every expansion (MoP nearly killed them with Monks), and Legion put in the Roll the Bones (RNG) mechanic that makes them very un-fun in groups.
  • I love their theme, and the ability to stealth and pick pocket everything that moves.  I guess I really like the concept but have trouble with the execution (pun!)

Death Knight

  • I like the complexity of this plate class, and the themes are getting better so long after the Lich King story stopped.  They have a very high skill ceiling, which is also attractive.
  • They are tremendously slow and I find little joy in playing anything but Blood.


  • On paper these guys should be the best class!  In reality, it feel like a lead-eating chimp is in charge of their design.  It really feels like a squandered opportunity – a mirror image of what the Paladin brings to the table.
  • I play them out of pity and hope.


  • I loved playing hunter when pet management meant something.  Hunting new pets was a lot of fun.  Then pet battles came around and bye bye Hunter.
  • The lol-hunter moniker is both real and a turn off.


  • I already play a multi-role class (Monk) so have little need for another.  And Druid is so incredibly slow (Bear vs any other tank, Cat vs Rogue especially).
  • The lack of customization (aside from Legion) was very off putting and by this point I don’t want to bother with the Legion content. Maybe later in BfA.


  • I’ve played both.  I find other classes do a better job in both roles.  I like the look of Shadow Priests – but the squishynes of cloth is a turn off.


  • Always had a soft spot for these buggers.  Long ago when you needed to quest to get pets, it was a blast to go through.  (Ghostbusters quest was fun!).  Aside from Metamorphosis (which was taken by DH in Legion) was the only good thing to happen to them since Vanilla.
  • BfA seems to have rebuilt the Warlock.  I’m playing one now, and it’s some fun.  Problem is getting this guy through the levels for BfA.  I’d expect some catch up event in the next 2 weeks (like Legion) to solve that issue.


  • I really don’t get why this class still exists.  Every other class does what this one does, but better.  Doesn’t help that I don’t like the look of plate classes in WoW and for the longest time, they were poor at self-healing.  Ah well.

War Mode

  • I don’t think the 10% experience gain is worth even a fraction of the hassle of PvP content.  I played on a PvP server for a couple years and it was the least fun I’ve ever had.  I’d be quite surprised how that actually turns out in the end.

I am not enamored with any of the alternative races, for one primary reason : the need to re-level. First, the fact that those I would re-skin have a massive time investment and I don’t want to re-roll and lose access to the rare drops (recipes mostly) and fishing skill.  The Monk and Rogue are never going to be re-rolled for this reason alone.

Second, the changes to have every zone scale makes leveling very un-fun.  The BfA changes are not helping.  It is insanely boring to level from 60 to 100 for a +1 in STR as the only reward, and for it to take hours to get through.  Even with full heirlooms (my Warlock), it just takes too long.  Both in the length of time to kill something, but in the length of time in a given level.  The only incentive right now is heirloom armor – which does look cool – but not enough to spend 20+ hours to get.  Per race.  I’m sure it will be tweaked.

Short Term

The plan right now is simple enough.

  • Finally unlock WoD flying.  I’m a week or so away of dailies to close this.
  • Hit Exalted with relevant Legion factions.  I think only Argus is left for me, and they are all at Revered now.
  • Level the Warlock to 110.  He’s 78 now if I recall.  I’d like to wait a week and see if there’s a catch up mechanic and do it that way instead.
  • Close up my fishing achievements for Legion.  I love fishing and thought I had done this already.  I was wrong.

I haven’t even bought BfA yet.  I don’t know if I will until a week after launch.

6 thoughts on “BfA Toons

  1. “The only incentive right now is heirloom armor – which does look cool – but not enough to spend 20+ hours to get. ”

    This is curious. The only time I played WoW as my main MMO was mid-WotLK. I played for six months and at that time I would guess I would have played a minimum of 25 hours a week for the whole period – I played every evening after work and more on weekends. By the time I’d had enough I had one character (a Hunter) in the low 70s and one (a Warlock) in the mid 30s. Plus a bunch of lower levels in the 20s and below.

    I never thought of leveling then as slow. Had it been as fast as you’re estimating it is now I’d have been done with WoW in less than a month!


    • True. But back then there was actual progress and each level provided some gain. Nowdays the only purpose to level is to just get to the next level. Previous to the scaling changes (and squish), leveling from 1-100 was a quick romp to the relevant content.


  2. Still easy to level with a tank. Instant queues. That screws the Warlock of course (of which I have high interest, but I do have a 110 boost from BFA). As long as you are not in a rush to level – and stick to the heirloom plus rested xp angle I’m curious how long it takes these days. It’s absolutely painful in Arathi Highlands with my lock right now. So hard to not hit the 110 boost…

    I’m leaning Monk as well for BFA as it does everything I like to do in an interesting package.


    • Prior to scaling, I was able to do 1-100 in a bit less than a week. Post scaling, that is about 1/3 of the pace. The initial BfA squish then doubled that amount.

      I have nearly all the classes I want at max level already, cept the Warlock. If there’s no BfA leveling event… then I know where that boost is going.


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