Must Be Getting Old

When I was a wee(er) lad, I can recall E3 being a time of amazement.  Most years were giant reveals, amazing gameplay, and neat ideas.  I’d buy gaming magazines and surf what was the dredges of internet 1.0.  It was like entering a candy store of new things.

As time has worn on, E3 has lost it luster.  The breaking point for me was the XBONE / PS4 presentations.  One was of head scratching boneheaded moves, followed by another that was just continual *mic drop* moments.  Maybe I was just naive but until that time I truly thought E3 was about the gaming culture and way forward.

Now, not so much.  E3 is full of bullshots.  Not exactly new to the world, but in today’s market of “good looking games” it’s annoying to see something gorgeous at E3 and then comes out looking like a potato.  Or to see gameplay mechanics that in no way resemble the actual game.  Or to announce a game, then never release it.

That’s not even talking about the tone-deaf presentations.  The FIFA presentation is a good example, where you could download a demo of the game right now! and that fell to complete silence.  Or the headshaking in the crowd on the EA presentations.  Not that every game has to have people yelling at the top of their lungs, but it really seems like there’s a growing disconnect between the companies and the gamers supporting them.

The days of new ideas and IP are long gone.  Most of E3 is sequels or bandwagon hoping.  The sense of wonder and amazement is just drained when you’re seeing Gears5, SSB:U, or Battlefield5.  Some of the mechanics may be tweaked, but I know what to expect otherwise.

Side note – hats off to Microsoft for realizing that games sell consoles, and focusing on cross-play.  They have a heck of a hill to climb, and some of the stuff there looked interesting.

I think as I get older, the less I care about what happens in a year from now in the gaming world.  I have much less time to game, so it’s not like I am at a loss of quality games to play today.  Not to mention the fact that I’ve played all these games before.  I’m not disappointing, or even looking forward to it.  Just apathy really.

Until the game gets closer to actual release, and people I trust (odd term for the internet) have sunk their teeth, I choose to dwell on other items.  And given today’s gaming mantra of “day 1 patch to fix everything”, in most cases I’m better off waiting a few weeks after release to actually play it.

One thought on “Must Be Getting Old

  1. One of my favorite pieces I ever wrote was how much I want the hype / marketing cycle to die because they are terrible for game development. People start super-imposing their hopes and dreams on a title that ultimately falls short. Screw Bethesda for saying they are working on 2 games that don’t even have screenshots yet. There should be a “must be released in 12 months” rule to include it in E3. Publishers were talking about games that many not get released until 2020 and afterwards..

    It’s silly. But like you said, who cares.


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