Fallout 76

Online Survival Game.  Who’d have thunk it?

Given my previous low expectations, this met them brilliantly.  May have even exceeded with the line of “coop/solo” mode too.  Maybe that’s more in the line of EQ: Landmark.

  • Online-only likely means no mods
  • Focus on building, which was my least fun part of Fallout 4.
  • PvP, though as mentioned it appears optional
  • Fire nukes at others…which seems beyond stupid given the context of the game.  Maybe launching Death Claw attacks would be a better way
  • Set in West Virginia, 4x the size of Fallout 4
  • It’s due in November, which is much faster than I would have thought
  • If it gets more people playing the Fallout franchise, maybe it will fund the next core game

The 4 Lone Wanderers.

In the end, it sounds more like they took the generic survival game and slapped on the Fallout IP.  Doesn’t mean the IP doesn’t fit, it is about survival after all.  It’s the core mechanics and what came before that makes this seem so odd.

A bit like that C&C re-imagining on mobile devices.  It’s so different that core players feel disillusioned, and potential new ones (from that genre) don’t quite get it. Then again, not sure what EA was expecting after the Dungeon Keeper fiasco.

I was certainly interested last week.  Now, not so much.  It’s not the game that I wanted, but it’s probably the game that someone else did.  I’ll keep it on the calendar for launch and see what happens.



2 thoughts on “Fallout 76

  1. I was originally very excited with the first announcement with X-Box where they just said that it was 4x bigger. (yay!)

    Then, on their own reveal they shared the online, building and survival parts (boo!)

    I know few companies are tackling single player these days (because it is one and done, no way to monetize further cheaply) but of all the studios I figured Bethesda and Bioware would stick with it. Both threw in the towel at E3.


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