Long Weekends are the Best

Nothing blew up at the cottage this weekend.  And the weather was great for 2 of 3 days.   All smiles from that front.

Spring cleaning was in full effect though.  A fire burnt all day Sunday while we got rid of dead plants, cleared some space, and chopped some wood.  Moving more stuff around and re-organizing was a workout in itself.  As much as the body is tired afterwards, I need the physical work and sunlight to stay sane.  Office work sucks the life out of me sometimes.  Now nearly everything is set up as we need, only need to drop the boat in the water and we’ll be good for the season.

Three bits of gaming to be had.

God of War

Spoiler.  I found a dead giant whose fingernail was larger than Kratos.  That was cool.  A bit more story progress, including a large plot reveal came about.  There’s an overall dip in the character of Atreus for a while, which has yet to be explained properly.

Of more interesting note is that I’m able to attack Valkyries now.  I’ve taken down 4 now, and they are a heck of a battle.  It’s 90% defense, and counterattacks, meaning a lot of memorization.  It is a massive thrill to take one down.


The boardgame.  It’s like a combination of solitaire, war, and deck building.  Except the deck building is more RNG than I like.  I’ve gone through a dozen or so rounds now, and only hitting the halfway mark about half the time.  It’s a good fun, but some extremely painful to see a good run come to nothing due to 1 bad card pull.   Still, it’s fun to try new strategies, and for the price you can’t go wrong.

Escape: Zombie City

A manic dice roller, with coop to boot.  I much prefer coop games than competitive ones.  Mainly because it takes more thought and planning for those games to work, and like it or not, even in coop there’s some competitiveness to the game.

Here you are given 5 dices, items to collect, zombies to kill, a map to explore, and a van to drive away.  And 15 tense minutes to accomplish it all.  The base game is ok, but it really requires the expansion pack to shine.  The addition of classes, skills, and more complex map tiles adds some much needed replayability.  The delivery girl and grandma are extremely useful.  Funny that.

I’ve lost a few times, but more often than not end up winning with 3 players.  The rules can be simplified for kids, though they are not all that complex to start.  You can increase the difficulty by changing some of the cards, and that’ll be for the next few runs.

There’s something to be said of 2-4 people rolling like mad against a clock.  Then someone asking for help all the way on the other side of the map.  Controlled chaos is a blast!

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