GoW – Progress

I will say it’s a lot different playing God of War after Assassin’s Creed: Origins.  Combat in both follows the same concept of 1v1, but the mechanics are wildly different.

AC:O has 3 types of enemies.  Archers, melee grunts, and shielded bosses.  Small variations within, but those are the big ones.  The first two are dumb and can only take you down in numbers due to a stun-lock effect.  Shielded bosses are bit tougher, since you either have to break their defense, or dodge attacks to counter.  There are only a few of them in the game.

GoW has melee grunts, sure.  It has ranged attackers as well.  Even shielded bosses.  Then it has ghosts, exploding eyeballs, fast poisoners, kamikaze enemies, flyers, ogres, and trolls.  1 or 2 mistakes and you’re dead.  The game rewards smart play, and severely punishes dumb moves.  And it continually adds new challenges, by adding new enemy types and group combinations.

That’s just enemies.  Then there’s you.

In AC:O your power is directly related to your level and the weapons you have.  The skills are useful, but more as tweaks than pure numbers.  It doesn’t matter what skills you have, if you’re 5 or 10 levels under the enemy, you’re dead.  Some moves you simply can’t avoid (due mainly to Ubisoft’s loose combat controls).

GoW doesn’t care about levels, it cares about gameplay.  I’ve gone into battles against clearly more powerful opponents and still come out the victor.  Investing in runes (special attacks that do AE, Stun, or Damage), gear that has different stat sets and bonuses, or just plain more skills for extra combat options is the way to go.

Example is one skill that let’s you block a ranged attack and shoot it back at an enemy.  Huge quality of life boost.  Or another than let’s you tag 3 enemies for a ranged attack.  Or more stuns from Atreus, or extra healing, or… plenty of things.  It honestly feels like the game provides you a toolbox of options, and it’s up to you to see what fits your style.


In the Mountain

Better example is a recent troll battle.  Normally trolls are drawn out affairs, with a few stages where additional grunts/ranged show up.  It feels like it’s raining fire.  In this particular case, I was able to throw some axes at his head, enter rage mode for some quick damage, then used some high damage runes to bring him down.  Atreus used his Wolf summon to take out the grunts, and I picked up the pieces.  What would normally take 5 minutes was done in 20 seconds, because I used the right tools, at the right time.

Extremely rewarding.


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