Wishes and Dreams

A bit off topic this one.

Maybe it’s mid-life, maybe it’s just that I’m able to look forward a bit more.  I’ve been considering the difference between wishes and dreams, at least in terms of what’s next for me and my family.

Wishes are the types of things that are out of the ordinary, or require a substantial amount of luck to achieve.  Nobody dreams of wining the lottery, they just wish that they did.  The types of things that you do need a genie to grant.  They are not in your control.

Dreams are long term goals that require effort to achieve.  A dream job.  A dream car.  All things that are usually long term, and/or require a lot of work.  They are often times largely within your control.

A simple example is that you dream of having a retirement of relative ease.  You’d stash away parts of your pay for a long time, sound investments, and get a decent return at the end.  Not worry about bills and have some flexibility to do various things.  Alternatively, you could wish for a jet-setting retirement after winning the lottery by playing every week.

Fun stats:  Powerball in the US is around 1:300,000,000 odds of wining.  6/49 in Canada is about 1:13,000,000.  Getting hit by lightning, twice, is 1:9,000,000.

I’m already living part of the dream though.  I have a really great job/career.  Great family/kids.  Financial stability.  Pretty much every plan I put into play when I was finishing high school has worked out.  A immense amount of work & effort to get there, but I got there.

Now it’s about enjoying what I have, and planning for the next part.  And truthfully, there are 3 major things left on this.  A specific type of cottage, a set of trips to specific locations, and a good education for my kids.  The last 2 are long term and already have some pieces in play.  The former… that’s been on my mind for 20 years.

Enough that I have it etched into my mind.  I know the layout, the size, the items within, the fixtures, the sunrise… it’s quite ridiculous in fact.  For the next couple years, I’ll be building a book of ideas.  Pictures, articles, plans, estimates – enough to transfer the picture in my mind’s eye to reality.

I think I’ll use this blog, and a new page to keep track of some of them too.  I love new projects.

2 thoughts on “Wishes and Dreams

  1. I want on the water so bad. We were looking hard here, but anything nice on the water (St. Lawrence) is in the millions. I didn’t work this hard my whole life to be house poor.

    So looking at small cottages on nice lakes under 300k range instead. I just love fishing, swimming, everything about the lake(s). I grew up in Muskoka. There are plenty just north of Kingston so just have to find the right opportunity.

    New cottage setup – is it the cottage itself, or the land around it? I’d love to get a cottage with acreage for best of both worlds. Looking forward to hearing / reading about it!


    • Our lake still has a foot of ice.

      We have a double lot on 200′ of waterfront. The cottage there now is really 2 season, on wooden beams, so it shifts a lot.

      What I have in mind is an wide A-frame, south facing, with wood as the core material. Soon enough, I’ll put some items up.

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