Warframe – Quick Thoughts

Seems that whenever someone talks about Destiny 2 nowadays, Warframe comes up in the conversation.  I had played it when it was still in early launch, but never really gave it a chance.

An aside first.  I usually go back to WoW a month before an expansion.  I cannot decipher half of the text in chat, most of the content is new, and I feel like a new player.  FF14 feels the same way.  Heck, even some stand-alone games on replay feel new.

Warframe takes a kitchen sink approach to a skinner box.  Everything comes at you, with very little context as to what it all means.  There’s no hand holding.  No “magic number” that tells you that you are stronger (plenty of numbers, just not 1).  Missions feel like crack on speed.  Movement and combat feels really good, so far.

There’s an entire junkpile of information related to crafting, upgrading, optimizing… it feels a whole lot like those action RPG games on mobile.  Plenty of things to do, lots of numbers to improve, plenty of bad guys to swipe, and a lot of time gating.

I don’t truly mind time gating.  In fact, I truly think that everything is time gated, whether online or off.  How many people have hunted the Horseman in WoW to get the mount and never got it?  I spent 2 weeks getting the boots off giants in EQ.  I could raid a week straight and not get an upgrade.  I do not suffer from the “I need it now” mentality, so I guess that is a factor.

After 4 years of content push, I can understand it.  There appears to be content to meet everyone’s needs.  I’ll be putting more time into this and see what pops out after a few weeks.

One thought on “Warframe – Quick Thoughts

  1. I find the more I play the more I sort out on my own. When I found that I had Liths via the codex (bur no clue what to do with them) eventually I noticed the prompt on the NAV screen, found the mission, jumped in with others, and got my 10 reactants to unlock. Ordis even made fun of the way that works, in a nod to the silly complexity. Still, it’s. A pure zen grind and exciting shooter looter so far. The more I discover the more I like.

    Of course, I am stil unlocking new planets and everything is new. We will see how things hold up when it’s all repeated content or I hit some walls. Also curious when I will need to pay something (which I want to do for time spent already, just waiting to see when /where)

    I prefer playing solo due to the speedcrack most missions are with others. You almost have to on certain spy missions. Had one where you had to get all 3 datacenters a d the rushers kept ruining it.


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