XCOM2 – Avatar Progress

Rose colored glasses perhaps, but I recall fairly clearly the time I was forced to Skulljack a Codex and out popped an Avatar.  I lost nearly everyone on that mission due to the teleports and massive power that thing had.

Now though?  My sniper had serial with 3 free reloads, 100% hit rate across the map, and 50% critical rate, and he was 3 floors above everyone.  What does this mean?  It means that I skulljacked the Codex to start the round, that removed stealth from the team (minus Reaper & Ranger), spawned an Avatar, and somehow managed to trigger 2 alien pods (advent soldiers).  Oh, and it was a mission to take out an enemy general… who is continuously running away from you.

First hit was for 10 damage and shredded his 1 armor.  Teleported away from the main force, but my sniper could still see him.  22 damage and down.  Serial was activated, and that took out every other visible enemy.  Sniper had 8 kills in 1 turn.

Sure enough, the general had moved away, but not far enough from my Reaper.  Squadsight + grenade launcher on my Grenadier took away his cover and my sniper took him out in another shot.  Map over I thought.  But no, the Chosen Warlock showed up.  He can see through stealth and is immune to melee, so the Reaper and Ranger were useless for damage.  Guess who did all the work?

Don’t get me wrong.  A ranger with the Chosen katanas is a super beast.  They can walk all over a map with hidden Chryssalids and bladestorm each to death.  She took out 6.

My challenge right now is when I get a ton of pods open, and there’s at least 1 crazy enemy.  Like a Sectopod, or a Andromedon.  I’m a few missions away from the final Chosen battle.  I need to rest up a few folk first.  After that is complete, I’m pretty much just a walking chainsaw.

Psi Soldier

I think this is the one area of the game that has been neglected the most in all the DLC.  You still need a Psi Lab.  You still need to take that soldier out of rotation to train.  Training still takes many, many days.  It means that soldier never develops any bonds, and can’t do any covert ops.  Meta-wise, it means that you have very little experience actually using those skills, if they die you’ve lost months of in-game time and no way to accelerate a replacement, and your gameplay tactics are already set by the time one is available.

It is the least intuitive class in the game, which is too bad because they are also incredibly powerful.  I just won’t ever be using one this playthrough.

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