Tomb Raider Movie

Has anyone else played Tomb Raider (2013)?  This movie appears to be a near direct adaptation.  My guess is that the trailer spends more time on the setup than the actual film will spend on the island.

I’m trying to think of any game-to-movie direct adaptation and none are really coming to mind.  Plenty have been adapted… but a near copy?  This is really strange.

Other musings:

  • Trinity is in the 2nd game (Rise of the Tomb Raider)
  • Alicia looks like she put in a ton of work to get into fighting shape.
  • She holds the bow with the left hand, then in another shot draws with the left hand.  I feel bad that I notice these things.
  • That is not how any bow is drawn, unless it’s a kid’s version
  • That axe is impressive
  • Half of the trailer seems to either be slow-mo (for super jumps) or poor exposition
  • The CG isn’t too bad
  • I like the lighting and framing of the shots
  • Generic sound/music isn’t too enticing
  • The trailer appears to give away the entire plot of the movie

An interesting film from a meta perspective.  I’m just not terribly interested in seeing it.

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