Space Wizards

Cause that’s what ME gives you.

It could be rose-colored glasses, but Biotics used to be more powerful than what I’ve seen in ME:A so far.  All the way back to KOTOR, force powers were a great way to take out massive groups of enemies, assuming you had the points invested.  Sure, the melee super saber strikes ended up killing even the Tarentareks in a couple of rounds, but force powers were more fun.

Right now, I’m finding that there are only 2 useful powers – pull and throw.  If they are unshielded/unarmored, then that combo kills anything.  Full biotics usually means “tissue for armor”, so the melee-ranged skills aren’t much use.  That leaves Singularity or Lance as options.  The first is a remake of the black hole skill that sucks people in, and the latter is a bolt of ranged damage.  None of the skills have much effect on shields.

So what ends up happening is that my space wizard uses Singularity on the first set of enemies, to set up a wall of sorts.  Weak enemies get snared, and I throw in something to blow them up.  A separate Pull is used on the enemies outside of range.  It’s a solid build for clearing trash.  That leaves the big guys.

And the only thing that works on those buggers appears to be guns, and companion skills.

Not all companions seem to be built equally. Their weapons don’t see to have much effect, at least not compared to mine.  Their skills though, woo.  Some of them seem like steroid users with the punch packed.  Drack is something.  Jaal too.  I’m a little disappointed that I can only have them focus on a target, rather than select from a skill profile, or prioritize the skill usage.  If I just let them go without direction, then things can go sideways.  If they focus, then things seem to work out well enough.

Anyways, back to space wizards.  On console I only have 3 skills that I can slot for use, and while useful, they seem somewhat limited as compared to other profiles.  Maybe I’ll respec into an Infiltrator with a robot pet…I’m using sniper rifles anyways.

4 thoughts on “Space Wizards

  1. I went sniper, tactical cloak, overload, forget the other (in an airport..). Tactical cloak and sniper works incredible (+40% damage from cloak) and one shots are the norm.

    I usually play with Peebee who uses Pull and the one that lifts them up, compared to Cora who uses biotics to charge in. Vetra or Jaal so shoot from range. Really though, I’ve used all the combos of squad mates because it’s fun to hear them interact with each other.

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  2. Peebee and Jaal are hilarious just to hear their interactions. Although Peebee will Singularity enemies into the air which makes my Throw useless for combos (won’t hit targets in air). So when it comes to tough boss encounters usually go Drack/Jaal. Great ass game.

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      • Haha yes I was a little slow on the uptake when she started into those lines but was worth having her along just for that moment. Snore in my Tempest – sheesh.


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