Pally Hits 110

3/4 zones complete, Highmountain about half done.  I’ve got a Monk, DH, Rogue and now a Pally sitting at 110.  Leveling with the Pally was relatively easy, and plays a whole lot like a Monk.  With some exceptions.

Paladins play in the 90% hp zone, what with self-heals and good raw defense.  Their skills are about laying down a ground-based AE, then relying on procs to keep the engine going past 30 seconds (like DKs were for a while).  I find them somewhat cooldown dependent in that regard.  I’ll record a session to give an idea of what it looks like to play one.  Suffice it to say, it’s clear that it’s a vanilla class.  I also dislike consecration, as it stays on the ground and blocks the visuals of other effects – I’m sure there’s a way to turn that off…

Monks play in the 30% hp zone and are more in the active mitigation mode, with brew management a key concept.  There are no bad Monk tanks, there are dead Monks tanks and the rest.  Combat revolves around Blackout kick boosting other skills, and I’m never GCD-locked.  Plus, the animation is a lot better.  Throwing a keg, backflips, spewing fire, spinning kicks… it gives you something to look at rather than the boss’ knees.

Perhaps there’s a skill curve somewhere, but right now the Paladin plays with a “if the button is up, press it” mentality.  Sure, I’m invincible, but where’s the fun in that?  It is miles more fun that a bear though!

Starting off at 110

I forgot about the ilvl curve at 110.  All the way here, I could solo piles of enemies, and now as a fresh 110 with a ilvl of something around 790, things hurt.  A week or so of dailies and I’ll be right as rain.  I’ve unlocked the 3rd trait with the other classes (man, Rogue was tough as a DPS), and I’ll give that a shot here as well.  There’s something appealing about that carrot.


I wonder if there’s a place that tracks the number of emissary quests completed.  Whatever that number is (a few hundred I’m sure), the corresponding number of legendaries is zero.  I think it will remain zero knowing my luck.  I have a post on this topic (RNG in this expansion) coming up soon.

3 thoughts on “Pally Hits 110

  1. Pretty sure I got an achievement at 500 world quests. I have 5 legendaries (3 on Druid, 1 on Rogue, 1 on Pally).

    I’ve been winding down Wow lately.. think I will let the sub lapse until 7.2.

    Swotor 250%xp is chugging the story along there and a stark reminder of how repetitive WoW is right now.


    • Ahh, well it says 437. No legendaries. Guessing that’s bad odds?

      I think the thing that helps with WoW for me is my lack of straight up time. It’s bits and pieces. Sure, it adds up after a while, but it means that I can’t really run any dungeons or focus on a particular item for more than 15 minutes.


      • Yup, pure RNG. 4 of my 5 were from Emmissary Cache’s from World Quests, so they should drop. There is a “bad luck” algorithm built in (according to Blizz). Chances may be because you have spread your 110 playtime around so much that that hasn’t kicked in. I am guessing that is character specific and not account wide.


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