Writer’s Block

Plenty of ideas rummaging through my head but I’m finding it really difficult to put virtual pen to paper.  I am reading a lot of blogs mind you, and everyone seems to have something interesting going on.


Kids are enjoying the Retropie.  There are nearly 2000 games on it right now, and browsing through the selection is a pain.  How do you pick one of 700 NES games?  So my kids found 1942, if only because it’s alphabetical. They also like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World (an oddly difficult game compared to memory) and PacMan.

I’ve played a bit of StarTropics, DKC, Illusion of Gaia, TMNT4…dabbing around here and there.

We also played  a fair amount of Lego Star Wars Force Awakens together.  The game feels like some quantifiable progress in the genre.  I won’t hit 100% because, why?  96% has unlocked everything of merit.

Aside from computer games, we’ve played a lot of Ticket to Ride:Europe (kid mod: remove destination tickets) and Fire Rescue (play family mode).  TtR:E can be played with 2 players, but like Monopoly, it’s more fun the longer you wait between turns.  Long-played strategies are easy with 2 folks, but I can see them being derailed (yeah, I did that) with more players.

Fire Rescue is an interesting beast.  I’ve never lost family mode, or really come that close.  Hard mode, the closest to a win is missing my 1 marker.  I don’t think it’s doable with 2 players, and even with 3 requires a tremendous amount of coordination.  Lots of fun.

Both games are recommended for family play, and I have a 4 and 6 year old.


I built an ice rink in the backyard.  Weather hasn’t been terribly helpful.  Kids enjoy it and have seen dramatic improvements in just a few days of use.

I’m working on an interesting project now that should dramatically change the way that the Canadian government does mobile work.  Finally catching up to the rest of industry.  It’s a project that will impact about 400,000 people, so there’s some kick in the risk/reward facet here.

Health-wise, I didn’t really make any new year resolutions.  I’m finding it very hard to play hockey multiple times a week and continue to strength train.  I’m at the strongest yet, and my legs have grown a fair amount.  Heck, I need to buy new weight plates.  I also need to re-jig my nutrition – I can feel something is off, so time to strip away and go back to basics.  I should be down to high school weight by the spring.

All of that to say that I am realizing that I need goals to function.  I do not do well by just fluttering in the wind.  I have, both luckily and not, achieved a fair set of my goals much earlier than I had anticipated.  Some of which I didn’t expect for many years.  I need to sit down with my better half and do a rejiggering.  Adulting, here I come!

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Have you tried Carb cycling yet? I’m about to embark on my first 90 days of eating that way. Supposedly, while training, will help get you into single digits fat %.

    As a goalie I can’t do legs anywhere near game days so I have heavily scaled back on the weights on/before those days and skipped legs altogether. I also need goals but habits too – got a 90 day program from an internet workout star that has everything spelled out daily. It’s not much I didn’t already know but having a program you don’t have to think about is nice too, ESP with everything in mobile form split into days.

    Just got back from vacation so yeah, I really do need to start that diet program (of which, 80% of your results are tied to, but you probably know that already too…)

    I read and research. Can’t help myself 😉


    • Sorry for delay.

      I’ve tried quite a few methods to drop the % down. Intermittent fasting seems to be the easiest on my body. I’m not a processed carb kind of person, in that I don’t often have bread or pasta. I eat a lot of rice, quinoa and sweet potatoes instead. And beer.

      I can only go about 70% of a regular workout the day before a game. Things feel like mush otherwise. With 3 games a week, I’m not making the progress I’d like. Just need to be smarter about it I guess.


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