Alt Time

I’ve been able to find a few last pieces to get my DH to ilvl 850, which is sort of the cap for casual play I think.  It’s not that he’s immortal but with a particular artifact trait that heals me when I deal fire damage… I can take on 5-6 elites in Suramar without dying.  This is not something my Brewmaster can do.  To top it off, he’s 1 run away from maxing out the Withered Army training – in terms of chests remaining.  And aside from the 400 or so rep provided, the only thing left there is the chance at the cat mount.  My Brewmater long ago finished up that chain, but one of the Monk hidden artifacts is found in that chest… so more runs needed there.

All that to say, that for both of those characters, progress is now stuck” at running dungeons.  I like dungeons, I do.  Finding time to do them is a bit of a gap now, though I do have quite a few quests locked in there.  Plus the whole Mythic not being part of LFG is a little annoying.  They are both still actively doing Artifact research.

So, that means alts come out of the woodworks.

At 100 I have a Shaman, Hunter, Druid and Rogue (this guy dates from launch in 2005).  2 of them are in the Legion pre-event gear, so around ilvl 700.  The rest are in WoD gear, so around ilvl 640 or so.

That’s a heck of a gap.  I completed all of their artifact quests and got the Shaman to 101.  Those quests all scale with ilvl, not actual level, so there wasn’t a huge challenge.  Scratch that, my Hunter died a half dozen times in that quest.  I went Marksman, which meant no pet…likely the cause of the pain.

Real world questing is something different.  My Shaman hit like a wet noodle.  My Rogue… wow.  I remember this guy just being walking death.  I died on the first quest in Stormheim – twice – not only because damage was so low, but the defense and health was as well.  I stuck with it for a few quests and got 5 gear upgrades along the way.  It’s starting to feel comfortable again.

It’s also a large shift from playing a tank, where the strategy is to round up 5-10 enemies and go to town.  DPS roles are meant to pick their targets, as AE isn’t exactly a strongsuit.  Plus, after years of playing a particular spec (Assassination), it’s rather clear that there’s a better alternative (Combat).  That means I need to hit 102 to unlock that artifact.  Not exactly a challenge, given that I’m likely sitting on 10 levels worth of rested xp.

It’s an interesting progress – going from focused goals and depth, to a more scattershot approach to the game.  I don’t have any particular goals other than just playing and having some fun with the various class quirks.  I figure by the time the rogue hits 110, I’ll just park him and do the various WQs for clear gear upgrades, then work on the next one in the line.

I do have a DK sitting at 94…

5 thoughts on “Alt Time

  1. I have Mythic gated quests as well. I don’t understand why there is no LFr there either – heroic pugs are a breeze.

    I’m at 500% artifact knowledge on my main and now at 107 on my Rogue (Outlaw, super fun!) And my Paladin is at 101. I can’t see managing more alts than that unless I stop playing one character completely.


    • Once they hit 110 and you get a decent ilvl, there’s a bit less to do daily. Or rather, less incentive. Makes the alt feeling of progression quite pleasant.

      I went Outlaw because of you, actually. It is an odd spec. Feels like I’m playing the lottery. A solid RtB buff and I hit like a demi-god. I’m quit used to the stability of Assassination. It’s fun though, and that’s the important part!

      Hardest part is remembering I’m not a tank and to stop pulling 5 guys at once. Character swapping makes the first pull a ton of fun.


      • I love a strong dose of randomization in a game historically set on straight lines. I find I’m still topping meters in pugs as Outlaw even under geared – admittedly though, I do put in effort. Probably more than the average PUG. I have had my string of frustrating 1 buff rolls but when that 6 rolls around… so pretty. =)


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