#WoW Legion Day 2

I’ve been on Stormrage since launch.  It is an OLD server.  Day 2 was not fun, as the lag was crazy for a couple hours.  I could move fine, but looting was a 3-5 minute affair.

I ended up in Azsuna, the one with all the naga and night elves (well, high elf ghosts I guess).  The zone is not as cohesive as Stormheim, with scattered quests throughout.  The main questline has to atoning for a prince’s sins 10,000 years ago as he betrayed his people to Azshara.  I have a natural dislike for elves, so this didn’t help.

There’s a quick portion on a dying group of blue dragonflight… but nothing decent.  Lots of Murlocs and Naga.  The former aren’t so bad, but the latter I’ve had my fill.

I did to a run of the zone dungeon and that was not much fun to be truthful.   It’s a “wheel” dungeon, where you need to kill 4 outside bosses to take down the middle one.  Every single boss had “stay out of the stuff” as their tips.  Serpentrix was the worst, as he continually spits poisons everywhere.  Again, as a melee, this makes it stupid because you can’t be in melee range when there’s crap all around the boss.  There’s a sleeping giant boss that is so huge that his dozen mini-AE attacks (that move no less) are next to impossible to dodge when he’s on top of you.  It’s a decent thought of a dungeon, but requires some significant tuning.

I hit 105, which unlocked another perk in the Class Hall.  I also completed the 2nd artifact for my Mistweaver, which was a fairly easy run through a dungeon boss.  It was longer than it was hard, which doesn’t really mean much.  I wonder what it would have been like if I had done that first?

All told, day 2 was a negative experience overall.  Azsuna is boring, and poorly constructed.  The dungeon is poorly tuned.  Stormrage took a nap.  Considering that all zones are mandatory if you want to do world quests… this doesn’t bode well for any alts I have.  I guess I’ll have to speed through it later.

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