Grim Dawn

I’m on holiday break now.  Finally finished the shopping today, and it’s an odd one this year.  There’s no snow anywhere near here, and I think we’re about 20 years back from the last time that happened.  Heck, last year there was a solid 4 feet at this time.  Kinda strange being outside in a fall  jacket…

In the bit of gaming news, I’ve hung up my hat for Devilian.  I hit the mid 40s, and it was enough for me to see that it’s not the game for me.  After having played Path of Exile, and enjoying it, seeing a dumbed down game (farther than D3) was too much.  It’s more likely that I simply had enough of it on my tablet, as the game isn’t bad.  It’s just not good enough.

In my search for an alternative, I came across…

Grim Dawn

I think the simplest way to describe it is that it’s a more accessible version of Path of Exile.  You have a ton of liberty in character building, selecting 2 “sub classes” and inserting skill points to unlock various abilities (like Diablo 2 as well).  The art is pretty solid, based on a tweaked Titan Quest engine.  There’s a visceral aspect to it all.

Build 29 just released today, which means that it’s feature complete (it was in early access previously).  It’s also part of the Steam winter sale, so go at ‘er.

Stats mean something, and I mean all stats.   Some enemies are just simply immune to certain damage, DoTs can kill you, area effects are frequent, big enemies hit hard, there’s a whole pile of enemy types, tons of item types and qualities.   There’s even a crafting system, which is pretty neat.  One that shows that rare items, with good enough rolls, are better than uniques.

There’s a rather interesting lore behind it all, with demi gods and demons.  There are factions to be had, bounty quests to help stretch out the tail and now it has 2 rogue-like dungeons too.  Those factions, when capped, start unlocking super bosses, so there’s always something to knock out.  It feels more like D3 without training wheels, which is a great thing.  It also plays offline, for those who need it.

I really like Path of Exile.  My gripes are in the art style and difficulty to see things.  That’s part of the engine and I can’t really do much about it.  Grim Dawn’s engine is more pleasing to the eyes.


For the price point, it’d be hard to argue a better value for money.  There’s a fair amount of content to be had here.  Enough complexity for those who want it, enough accessibility for those who just want to pick up and play.

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