Cookie For You, Cookie For Me

I baked some toffee/butterscotch cookies with the kids last night.

Long story short, I really enjoy baking.  Short story long, baking forces you to pay attention, be patient and meticulous, while providing an end result that either lasts for days, or makes everyone in a room smile.

It’s been about 6 years now that my wife and I have baked cookies for the holidays.  We usually hand out tins to our friends but this year’s schedule has been a bit tougher to work around.  I was missing the fun of spending a solid weekend just making treats and decided to get something made for the work pot luck.  Ended up with the above toffee cookies and some peanut-butter maple ones as well.  Baking on a weeknight isn’t as much fun as a weekend, since it’s hard to get on a roll, but it’s still quite satisfying.  Especially when your kids and your wife are stealing cookies when you’re not looking.

While I certainly enjoy my current career, a 2nd one in baking has always had allure.  Downsides are the hours (you need to get baking near 4am) and the salary. I guess I can take some classes though…


I completed the 3rd zone, made it to level 24.  The leveling speed has fallen, which means that my skill progress has slowed.  The character growth I saw in the first few sessions has sort of petered out.  My inventory is filling up quite a bit faster, so I’m obligated to salvage a lot of stuff.  I’ll need to craft some talisman cards with all those materials.

The last dungeon run was different, in that there was more to do than just kill bad guys.  Well, we needed to kill towers and it had 7 general steps to complete before the boss.  The boss itself wasn’t anything special.  I blew some cooldowns, transformed into Devilian mode for a DPS boost, then just pew-pewed until he dropped.  I did end up with a lot of gear at the end, though truth be told it’s hard to figure out what’s actually useful.

You’d think that Intelligence would be a super stat for a caster, but it gives something like 0.1 damage.  Other stats scale that way as well, so there really doesn’t appear to be any tangible difference at that level.  Which begs the question why bother with various stats at all until you reach higher levels.

An interesting factoid, I haven’t died yet.  I haven’t come close.  I haven’t seen anyone die either.  The dungeon we ran had the warrior pull every spawn towards the gate (15-20 enemies) and we just plowed through them.  It’s a bit of dynasty warriors here, or playing Diablo 3 on super easy mode.  The concept of risk just doesn’t seem to exist yet.

As I mentioned last time, this is reminding more and more of a mobile dungeon crawler.  That’s more of a neutral statement than a judgment.  I really like that style since it’s a pick-up-and-play attitude but the long term gameplay is questionable.  We’ll see as time moves on.

2 thoughts on “Cookie For You, Cookie For Me

  1. I baked from 13 to 19 as a summer job. I am now cursed when I cook, because I refuse to go off recipe. In baking that can be a nightmare. The upside is when I find a good recipe I can pretty much do it to perfection. The last downside is the number of utensils and bowls I need to use to cook even the most basic meal, because everything has to be separated and measured in its own container ready for combining =)


    • I’m glad I did the opposite and started cooking before baking, or rather than I follow my grandmother’s recipes where it says “add flour” and there’s no measurement. I’d ask and the answer would be something like “3 fingers worth, a fistful, dashes” and you’re just going nuts trying to replicate it.

      Sadly, I’ve followed in that vein. Enough for my wife to stop asking me what I did because there’s no way I can adequately explain it for her to try to reproduce it.


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