Witcher 3

After completing Fallout 4, and checking my mail, I noticed that Witcher 3 was on sale, something like 60% off.  Figuring it was a good deal for a good game, I gave ‘er a go.

I’ll be honest, I don’t get what people are all bonkers about.  The art/dialogue is pretty neat but the actual RPG mechanics are garbage.  Leveling doesn’t seem to imbue you with any concept of power.  Items are just numbers, the skills are bland and the combat is atrociously long.  To top it off, the saves are so far apart that you’ll have crossed half the map when you reload.  After what feels like 30 seconds of reload screen.

I’ll give an example.  In the starting zone there’s this one spot that’s defended by a bear.  A bear that can kill you in 2-3 hits.  A bear that has near a thousand hit points and your sword does 5-6 damage per swing.  So you need to use a fire spell to damage him.  Ok, but that thing takes time to recharge, so you’re dodging the bear while it does, which slows down the recharge.  And then you end up under a tree, the bear swipes you and you get to reload.  From start to finish it was a 5 minute fight.  And that wasn’t even the boss of the zone (a griphon)!

The story is neat, I’ll grant that.  The lore is clearly well thought out, the various characters are interesting.  Music is top notch.  The first load screen reminds you of where you are in the story.  Plenty of quests around, or at least areas of interest.  But those areas usually have 3 enemies and are over in 30 seconds.

I’m guessing it’s mainly due to coming from Fallout 4, where each area was unique and took a few minutes, or even 30, to clear out.

I’ll give it a few more sessions to wear in but I am quite disappointed with what’s here.

3 thoughts on “Witcher 3

  1. I tried Witcher 2 but couldn’t get into it – control scheme mostly, the fluidity of the movements. Neat observation there on Fallout I have been loving it – jump in, 30 minutes, jump out. There is a satisfying time/ reward there when you are short on time (whereas many games I won’t even consider unless I have hours free.)

    I’m not even level 20 in Fallout and really doing heavy exploring (I try not to use fast travel on new routes – so many non-marked adventures to find!)

    How many hours did you put in before flagging it “complete”?


    • Just shy of 70 hours if my math is right. There’s always something around the corner. Feels like the old civilization days of “one more turn”. But it’s bitesized enough to take in doses


  2. Good to read that someone else had the same sort of experience in Witcher 3. The game bits are just awful, which makes the fact that it won Game of the Year everywhere just that much more ridiculous.


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