Concentrate… concentrate… bah

It was a busy and slow weekend, so I guess that evens out.  Sunday I spent a fair amount in bed resting up from a long Saturday of making tourtières.  For the past 7 years now, 4 of the guys get together to make a bunch of meat pies.  This year we ended up with 43 total, which is a pretty solid run.  We had to tweak the pastry recipe a bit and 2 of the guys had to bow out from rolling.  I kept at it and once the grove was set, it wasn’t so bad.  It was long mind you, well over 4 hours straight of rolling, but the end result was great.

The day started just before 7 and I didn’t hit the sack until near 11.  The beer and wine throughout certainly didn’t help much.  Still, it was a good day.  The wife came over and helped babysit the squirts, we had a lot of laughs and the food was great.  Can’t really ask for more.


I’m not the world’s biggest IGN fan but Dan Stapleton is one of my go-to folks for RPGs.  In his Fallout 4 review, there’s one particular quote that rings – and I’m paraphrasing – “I feel like a kid at Easter, whose parents did a really bad job at hiding the chocolate”.

I am completely incapable of completing tasks in any reasonable sense of order.  I’ll get a quest for a given spot on my map.  I’ll quick travel to the nearest spot then start walking over.  In nearly all cases, I see a proverbial SQUIRREL!! and sure enough, I’ve been sidetracked.  It could be a dock and boat.  It could be a 3 storey building where I’m being sniped.  It could be a factory of robots.  It could be a new radio signal.  Maybe Dogmeat found me some more loot.  Next thing you know2 hours are gone, I’m waist deep in ghoul guts, have too much crap looted and need to run back to town to unload. Then I repeat the quick travel option and try again.

There’s clearly an end point here.  A time where I’ve explored it all; where I see that building, check my map and it says [complete] and I keep moving.  A time when I’m no longer wondering how many super mutants can actually fit into a closet, or how a Mireluk can fit into a puddle.  But that’s not today and likely not tomorrow.

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