We have a decent sized lot for a city house, and we share the backyard with the neighbour, so all told mowing the lawn can take about an hour.  I don’t mind the act really, it’s ok exercise and a clean yard is certainly nicer to look at.  The issue is that my neighbour doesn’t go outside, at least not in the backyard, and it’s terribly overgrown.  She also had a pool at one time and when she got rid of it, just let the weeds take over, and that’s crept all over the place.  So now, while I mow my lawn(+25% weeds), I’m also mowing her weeds (+5% lawn).  The good news is that it’s getting more and more overgrown so there’s less of her yard to mow.

Fences make good neighbours I hear.


I need some better gear rolls on my Monk to keep moving along.  For armor items, it’s best to just keep trying with Kadala and bloodshards.  For weapons, the cube is the way to go, but that needs the act specific crafting mats (5 of each, plus 50 forgotten souls), and that’s far from cheap.  My rings, that’s death breath farming sadly.  The good news is that a solid source of bloodshards also comes from running bounties, which is the only way to get crafting mats.

You get extra materials from T 1-6 (3 per) and then an extra one from T7+ (4 per).  Combined with the rotating bonus cache per act, you should be getting 8 per full clear.  After a couple runs, I’ve come to the following conclusions.

  • I need to make more sacrifices to RNGsus.
  • Run the bounties alone. If someone else is there, move to another one.
  • Movement speed is key, ignore everything that isn’t the target (except maybe Keywardens)
  • Since you’re moving so fast, is has a big impact on what skills you use. Things that stack are likely not going to work out well.
  • The bonus cache is only awarded upon turn-in, so you can clear all the bounties and wait
  • The last two points combine for this one. Some classes are really bad at certain bounties, in particular the “find level 2 and clear”.  If you can’t do those efficiently, skip to another act.
  • Boss kills should saved for last if possible, so people can shared the extra boss loot chest.
  • Pay attention to the shrines. Bandit Shrines are pretty common and you do not want to click one alone.
  • Act 5 bounties are some of the absolute worst the game has to offer, and it’s 99% due to the way tilesets are built, with everything extremely cramped and lots of multiple exits.
  • Don’t bother opening the caches until all the bounties are done. Saves clicking.  Unless you have bag space issues.
  • I need to make more sacrifices to RNGsus.

I spent enough time last night in bounties to try to reroll my weapon 5 times.  Each one was progressively worse than the other.  Ugh.  Combined with ~3000 bloodshards and no upgrades – heck, there wasn’t even an item I would have had to consider as an upgrade.

But bad luck can’t last forever and I did make a decent hit to my paragon levels, surpassing what I had in non-seasons.  So that’s a small win.

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