Be Careful Where You Aim

In a meeting recently with a client that needed some help with a complex issue.  It was a long drive to meet them but it was something they insisted on.  So we arrive, do the introductions and get into the meat of the issue.  Clearly they are nervous and on our side, not quite sure if we have the solution that fits.

Except this one person, who insists on being hostile and dismissive.  I don’t mind being corrected when I make a mistake but I dislike arguing facts tempered with prejudice.  I can also only take it for so long.  So after about 15 minutes, I reminded this person that our group had traveled a long distance under good faith to help them with their problem.  That we could just as easily pick up our items and go back to the office and they’d be no better off (or worse, they’d have to explain why nothing came of it).  That small interjection was enough to get them back at the table trying to find a solution.

There’s an old adage of “don’t pee in the wind” that I think is fitting here.  Asking for help, then complaining the entire time doesn’t really make people want to help you.

Bad Rolls

The RNG gods are not with me lately.  Well, at least not in a sense that helps me out much.  I had a bit less than an hour yesterday in D3 and wanted to see if I could collect a few more Death’s Breaths, to help with my main build.  The farming build I’m using is based on a few unique pieces, and does decent work in T3.  I am however, still missing an In-Geom.

There is something fun about putting a bunch of enemies close together and having the screen go boom. While my U6/EP build does that in amazing fashion, this farming build just seems to fill the screen up with lights and explosions, all the while running a hundred miles an hour.

I ended up finding a goblin convention in three separate rift runs.  Those are the events where you find 10-15 goblins having a smoke break and you get to play pinatas with them.  Sadly, all that work and all I really got from it was Blood Shards to gamble with.  And no results from those shards.  Still… it’s like Christmas when you see that happen.  Nothing else matters.  Sparklies!

Fingers crossed for the next run!

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