#FF14 – Finally 50

I will say that the trek from 43-50 was longer than I expected.  That being because my expectations are leveling speeds found in pretty much every other game.  Then I realized I hadn’t even unlocked my Challenge Log and in 1 day I made 2 levels.

Level 50

I actually hit 50 just after the first “raid”, or at least 8 man party. It was a 1 boss battle and the LFR-ish tool (Duty Finder) took under 10 minutes to find a group with me as a healer.  Wasn’t too hard either.  Following Rohan’s advice, I bought the expansion ahead of time, so you can see that I’m a bit into level 50.  Seeing as how I can’t unlock ANY level 51 content for about 50 quests, this seems like it should be a nice head start on the other content.

Looking forward to getting my own!

Looking forward to getting my own!

Clearly I’m not very far content-wise and I’m rather ok with that.  There are plenty of other people playing at this level, most of them Machinists or Dark Knights, so the queues are pretty much instant.  And I am absolutely blown away at how those dungeon runs give you massive chunks of experience.  One a day (each takes about 20-30 minutes) gives a huge boost.  You get another boost at 3 and 5 in a week.  It’s such a drastic swap out from other games leveling pattern.

On to the next set of quests.

3 thoughts on “#FF14 – Finally 50

  1. I still want a MMO that dumps level grinding and goes back to focusing on dungeons and open world zones/dungeons. I think the tools have evolved enough to make playing solo with strangers a lot more fun and accessible without forcing everyone to constantly group.

    Or do you think that still would be too much to ask of the especially pro-solo crowd?


    • Is that not what Shroud of the Avatar is pushing? There’s bound to be a few more out there that are similar.

      I don’t think there’s an issue with that game per-se, just that gamers have a terrible issue building their own goals. In a skill/time-based game, what are you exactly aiming for? Level-based games have a strict set of rules and goals. There’s just always a carrot (until max level, then it’s a different type). Everything today is quantified, measured. Takes a special kind of person to ignore that, so we’re talking more of a niche audience.


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