What’s an Expansion worth?

FF14’s expansion Heavensward is $40.  Warlords was $60, though it included a “free” level 90, which is $60 after the fact (though really, that’s what, 20 hours of gameplay at most nowdays?).  Most expansions runs between $30 and $60, depending on what’s in it.  Even more so when you think about if the game is F2P or subscription based.  Some don’t even charge for expansions – Neverwinter & EvE come to mind.

GW2 is 2 years old and aside from that first box price, I’d wager the majority haven’t dropped more than $20 in all that time.  $50 is absolutely reasonable for an expansion, if you know what’s in it.  And I guess that’s the rub.  Asking for money on faith is always a hard bargain to make.  Certainly with mixed messages and a rather poor PR department.  NCSoft barely has any PR, though I guess it’s better than having Smed going off on some tangent.12:00

I really think this is just a storm in a teacup.  By the time the expansion rolls around, everyone will go back on their “don’t buy it” mantra and scoop it up on release.

Let’s face it, MMO gamers are always looking for the next shiny thing and no matter how much they complain, it’s still going to sell to the active playerbase.

It is popcorn-worthy to see the frothing mind you.

7 thoughts on “What’s an Expansion worth?

  1. That 20 hours of “gameplay” made a huge difference to me. I wouldn’t of purchased Warlords of Draenor without the free character. I wish they hadn’t given one away because then I could’ve saved my $50 and my month of time played.


    • So then no regrets or bitterness? Hah. I think 4 million people agree with you.

      It does beg the question in terms of what your money is worth related to time. If Transistor is worth $20 and only takes 4-5 hours, does that mean than an MMO that gives you 40 hours isn’t worth $100 or even $200? Or is that just too subjective to even bother looking at?

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  2. It’s an interesting dichotomy, in a way. We talk about how much value GW2 has brought us over 2-3 years for the $60 box price and that $50 for the expansion is fine. If this were a F2P game though? I mean, I remember getting a bank full of lockboxes on Day 1 or thereabouts. Most of GW2’s money has been coming from the cash shop, just like every other F2P MMO.

    Just something I thought about when reading this post.


    • Yeah, this does tickle the brain in terms of expectations or at least value for money. LOTRO expansions are the ones that always seemed the least worth it for that exact reason.

      Maybe if GW2 gave out gem packages rather than actual perks?


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