When Not To Ask For A Pre-order

First question:  Do I think Fallout 4 looks promising?  It’s just an engine demo, whoopee. The idea of a Fallout 4 does give me tingles though.

Second question: Am I going to pre-order?  Hell no.  I don’t do pre-orders for one, regardless of how awesome something is.  I certainly won’t do it for a game without a release date. Or a feature list.  Or actual gameplay video.  Or a preview.  Or some peer-review. Or some actual incentive.

I’m actually surprised at the audacity/brass tackle that Bethesda has here.  And hats off to Green Man Gaming to give a DISCOUNT on a pre-order for a game without a release date!

This is more like a kickstarter without the kickstarter, for a major gaming company.  It’s like if Ubisoft asked for pre-orders for the next Assassin’s Creed, without knowing anything about it. And then finding out along the way that the things that made you happy about the game were being removed.  And that it was full of bugs because they had to ship on time or issue refunds.  Oh hey, that actually did happen!

Who am I kidding.  People are still going to pre-order.  I’ll just sit by with some popcorn.

4 thoughts on “When Not To Ask For A Pre-order

    • If you’re not a turn-based/action RPG fan, then I don’t think these will have aged well without some rose-colored glasses. Mind you, Fallout 3, New Vegas and Skyrim are more about the open world in a specific setting, while compared to the originals. That theme song… and Ron Perlman’s voice over bring back a lot of memories.


  1. What’s shocking or strange about this situation exactly? I am failing to see your issue. Are you saying people shouldn’t pre-order without seeing a game first? I mean, I guess I can agree with that, but as a huge Fallout AND Bethesda fan, it would take a colossal fuck up for them to not get my sell. Whether I do it now or later, it is guaranteed that I will own Fallout 4 within its first month.


    • That there’s a pre-order without a date, feature list or anything actually tangible. What is it that you’re actually buying here? An idea? I prefer the exchange of money for services, not a promise for eventual services.

      I get Bethesda’s credibility is a mitigating factor. I guess, change the company name to EA, or Activision. People who pre-ordered say, SimCity, got a hell of a shaft.


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