I Spent Some Money

I put in about $20 into Marvel Heroes and the same into TSW this week.  When I’m looking for mobile games, I prefer to buy a game rather than scum it.  I’m far from a whale but a few bucks here and there just seems to make sense.  Cripes, I spent more on coffee in a month.

I think Zubon hit the nail on the head here.

If I like a game and I want more of it, I’ll pay for it.  I would ask the same if I was selling a product.  Anyone who thinks they should be getting a game for free for eternity… wasn’t that what the 90s and pirating was all about?

5 thoughts on “I Spent Some Money

  1. “Anyone who thinks they should be getting a game for free for eternity… wasn’t that what the 90s and pirating was all about?”

    Are you encountering a lot of people saying that? I’m not. I honestly don’t know why everyone brings up this point when they talk about being okay with F2P. I haven’t seen some grand consortium of gamers all who feel entitled to free stuff.

    I hate over monetization, abusive monetization, games focused and designed around how to monetize their players, etc. That doesn’t mean I hate spending money on games I enjoy.


    • Yeah, I can think of 2 prominent folk who are saying exactly that. One who posts weekly about a F2P game and clearly states that they have only spent $5 and don’t feel “a wallet vote means anything in the large scale”.

      I do see more of the other side of things mind you, people who are willing to spend money on games they like. It’s just hitting a nerve lately.


  2. Somewhat on this theme, in World of Tanks, I find it humorous when people call those who have premium vehicles as “wallet warriors”. WoT is a free to play game and frankly, it is amazing what you can do without spending a dime in the game. But for those who really enjoy the game and don’t mind spending some actual cash, well, they can get some advantages that others don’t. But this goes beyond the gaming world and into the psychological…which is another discussion altogether.


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