Marvel Heroes – Back at It

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

Every MMO, and quite a few mobile games, have hooks.  These are incentives to keep logging on, if only for that small reward and nothing else.  It usually takes me a bit to realize I’m in that loop, where the daily activities are identical from day to day.  When that happens, I move on.  It happened rather quickly with SWTOR, unfortunately.  WoW hit that last week.  And what with my work life putting in nearly double normal hours, any respite is welcome.  But hey, you can only run that hamster wheel so long.  My rogue is at 100 (so 3 characters now) and he is way less fun than my Monk or Druid, as all the “uniqueness” and flavor has been squashed.  Too bad.  Still, he’s as old as the game and still max level, so I have that going for me.

What’s Next

I had to look through my steam library to see what was next.  Due mainly to my time constraints, I need an in-out game.  Where I can drop it, or I can play a small session.  While I want to get back into The Secret World, you can’t have small sessions.  It’s on the list though.

I did pick up Endless Legend off some good online reviews.  That game is superb.  I’ll write a post about it shortly.  The downside to that game is that it’s a “one more turn” game.  The first night I had it, I think I looked up at the clock and it was 2am.  So, not something I can handle right now.  You should give it a try though, it’s really quite amazing.  An iteration on Civ5, and a whole pile better than Beyond Earth.  The only downside I’ve found so far, is that the AI isn’t aggressive enough on the military.  They are for everything else though.

Hack and Slash

While Darkest Dungeon looks cool, and Isey has me sold, I have a thing about buying alphas.  It’ll have to wait.  I do have Diablo 3 and my brother seems to be pretty active.  I had a Crusader int he last season, who got to GR35, which was sufficient for me to consider it “done”.  From that point, I had all the gear I wanted, it was more about rolling perfect stats.  And that’s a grind I don’t need.

Marvel Heroes seems to always be there though.  The patches are insane (like 1gb per, all the damn time).  Sure, there’s less variety in the environments than D3 but each character plays differently, and there are dozens.  The grind to max level has a synergy with other characters, so you have an incentive to level other folks.  It’s a loot pinata, with a ton of stats on everything, so you can usually find some upgrade as you move along.  And I like it’s F2P model, where if you sink in tons of time, you can unlock a fair amount as well.  Or spend a few bucks to unlock some bonuses.



Plus, there have been so many additions in the nearly 2 years since launch it’s hard to recognize everything.  Plenty of end-game activites, legendary quests, terminals, raids, group missions, uniques, crafting, legendaries, cosmic gear, team ups, rune words, enchants…crazy.  You see the gear slots above on the left around Rocket?   When the game launched there were 8.  Just so many ways to customize.

Anyways, with only a few minutes to spare, the game has a decent return on the fun.  I’ve spent a few bucks in the past, and I’m sure I’ll drop some more to reward the team working on the game.  Fun deserves some reward.

One thought on “Marvel Heroes – Back at It

  1. I need to retry Marvel Heroes – I love the comic book setting and miss comic book games – plus I was a Marvel fanboy during my comic collection years. Colossus from X-Men has always been my favourite and I know he is one of the “Free” heroes to start with. My laptop power pack blew (external) and I need to pick that up and get to it =)


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